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A large Armos statue who generally wields sword and shield and attacks by jumping.

Quick Information
Appearances: ALttP (SNES & GBA), LA (DX), TWW
Order: Stone Statue / Mimic
Habitat: Dungeons
Attack Pattern: The Armos Knights is a bigger and stronger version of the Armos you very encounter often in the Legend of Zelda. When Armos Knights appear in groups they attack formation, while a single Armos Knight will usually try to jump on you.

ArmosKnightBlue ALttP.gif ArmosKNightRed ALttP.gif
Appearance: A Link to the Past (SNES & GBA)
Quick Facts: These guys appear as the boss of the Eastern Palace. They are guarding the first Pendant and can defeated by using your sword or arrows.

ArmosKnight LA.gifArmosKnight LADX.gif
Appearance: Link's Awakening (DX)
Quick Facts: There is only one Armos Knight in this game and he can be found in the South Shrine. He a lot stronger then the ones found in the other games, but fortunately you face the boss one-on-one.
ArmosKnightArt TWW.jpg
Appearance: TWW
Quick Facts: The bigger version of the Armos also appears in this game, he is only vulnerable to bombs that are thrown into his mouth.




The Armos Knight's general description is identical to that of an Armos. The biggest difference lies in their strength; an Armos Knight can take a lot more damage before it is destroyed. Also in ALttP and LA they are boss characters, but in TWW Armos Knights are just common enemies.

A Link to the Past (SNES & GBA)

In this game the knights are the boss of the first dungeon in the game: the Eastern Palace. As soon as you enter their room the six blue statues come to life and will start attacking you in different patterns.


First attack pattern is jumping around the room in a circle, after that they go to the top of the room and line up next to each other so they can dash into you. After this they return to circle formation and so on. Link can take out an Armos Knight by using Arrows on them, 3 arrows on one knight is enough to destroy it. You can also use your sword or bombs if you run out of ammunition.


After destroying five of them the last remaining Armos Knight will turn red and breaks formation, since there is no formation left of course. He will try to jump on top of you from a distance, just like the others Link can take him out with three arrows. Your prize for beating him is the Pendant of Courage and a extra Heart Container.


The group of Knights makes their return in Ganon's Tower where you will have to beat them in order to get to the Big Key. As an extra feature the ground tiles are now made up of ice, which makes it rather hard to aim you arrows. If you obtained the Silver Arrows you can take a knight out in one go. Bombs and Sword attacks still work as well.

Link's Awakening (DX)

ArmosKnight LADX.gif
ArmosKnight2 LADX.gif
ArmosKnight3 LADX.gif
Only one Armos Knight exists in Koholint, he is located in the shrine to the south of the Face Shrine. Upon entering his room you are confronted with a big blue knight who will try to paralyze you by stomping on the ground, you can avoid this by jumping in the air with the Roc's Feather. To defeat him you can use either Arrows or the Spin Attack, since regular sword attacks will not harm him at all. The knight goes through three phases before it is defeated, each time you cause enough damage some of his armor is stripped.

When you are very close to beating him he will turn red and increases his moving speed, use the same tactics again to take him out. This will earn you the Face Key and the room behind him will open up.

The Wind Waker

In the Tower of the Gods you will meet the Armos Knights, they also appear in some of the other dungeons and caverns you will come across later on. Unlike the other Armos Knights these are not susceptible to sword attack anymore. Their spikes prevent you from getting close to them as well, and arrows can only be used on their single eye to stun them for a short period. The only way you can take them out is by throwing a bomb in their mouth when it is opened. After the bomb explodes you can best take a few steps back, since the statue will explode very violently.

Miscellaneous Notes

The Armos Warrior is also an Armos Knight, only this one has better protection against your attacks, because its shield can only be broken by its own sword.

Its other relative the Death Armos is something different though, these guys are can only be damaged with Light Arrows.


TTW - NPG Description of Armos Knight:

Armos Knight
Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Vulnerability: Bombs
These auto-homing statues were created to deter intruders. To destroy them, you must foss bombs into their gaping mouths.


Country Name
Japanese アモス (DEGU AMOSU)
English Armos Knight
French Grand Armos
German Armos-Ritter
Spanish Armos max
Italian Grand'Armos


All translations (except for the Japanese) are taken from The Wind Waker. The Japanese version calls this enemy an "Great/Big Armos" Both French and Italian translaters chose Great Armos for some reason, probably.

In the German version of OoT the translators called the Armos an Armos Knight, so in German the Armos Knight also appears in OoT.

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