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The Sacred Arrows of Light have almost the same function as the Silver Arrows from LoZ and ALttP. They are the only weapons that will break Ganondorf's defenses, thus leaving him vulnerable for a short period. In the same way, you need the Silver Arrows to stun the evil king Ganon, so you can land a blow with your sword. The Light Arrows have the same effect, allowing you to hit him a few times before he recovers.

Ocarina of Time

In OoT the sacred arrows are a gift from Princess Zelda after you collect all six medallions. This means you have to beat all 5 temples before you can get these. In this game the only real purpose of the arrows is to stun Ganondorf / Ganon so you can strike a hit against him. Each time you shoot a Light Arrow it costs you 4 MP, opposed to the 2 MP that is described in the manual! This means you can fire up to 12 arrows with a completely filled (and extended) Magic Meter.
Link receiving the Light Arrow from Princess Zelda
Close up view of the Light Arrow

Majora's Mask

MM's Light Arrows have a different purpose. In this game you need the Light Arrows to complete the Stone Tower Temple. This place is also the location of the arrows themselves, which are protected by the Boss Garo. After getting the Light Arrows you can evaporate those huge blocks with the sun's face on it or activate the regular Sun Face switches that are all over the place on various walls. Also the Light Arrows are the key item to destroying the Grim Creeper-like Mini-Boss called Gomess.

LightArrowGet MM.jpg

The Wind Waker

LightArrowIcon TWW.png
In TWW the Light Arrows are the last item you find in this game. They are located deep in the bowels of Ganon's Tower, hidden in a chest. They are your prize for finding the exit of Phantom Ganon's Maze. Once again the Light Arrows prove to be best weapon against both Puppet Ganon and Ganondorf himself. In the last battle Zelda uses the Light Arrows from a distance, and it is the player's job to keep the evil king distracted while she shoots an Arrow of Light against Ganondorf.

The Minish Cap

Bow&LightArrowSet TMC.gif
The sacred Arrow of Light is an optional item in this game. In order to get these you need to cure Gregal from the Ghost that haunts him, by using the Gust Jar on the Ghost to clear him away. You don't get the arrows right away (instead you get a few Secret Seashells), but much later on when you reach the Cloud Tops you'll meet Gregal again. This time around he does give you the Light Arrow. These arrows are twice as strong as regular arrows, cut grass and can even break pots!

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

Upon receiving the arrows from Zelda:

You got the Light Arrow!
Set it to (C) and your arrows will
be powered up! The light of
justice will smite evil!

Zelda in the Temple of Time:

The six Sages will open the sealed
door and lure Ganondorf back into
the Sacred Realm.
I will then seal the door to the Sacred Realm from this world. Thus, Ganondorf the Evil King will vanish from Hyrule. Link... In order to do this, I need your courage again. Please protect me while I do my part.
And here is a weapon that can penetrate the Evil King's defenses... The power given to the chosen ones... The sacred Arrow of Light!!!

Majora's Mask

Item Description:

Light Arrow
Set it to (C) to arm your bow.
Aim its sacred light at evil.

The Minish Cap

Gregal after you have cured him:

Oh, it's Link!
Thank you for your help earlier!
I've got something else good for you,
so here, please take it!

Upon recieving the Light Arrows:

You got the Light Arrow! Now, you can
fire arrows filled with sacred light!

Swordsman Newsletter #3:

Light Arrows are amazing...
They go through grass!
They fell a monster with one strike!
They're handy! They're dandy!
They're a super-duper-ultra-item!
Or so it seems...
But it's just a rumor...

Miscellaneous Notes

In OoT and MM the Light Arrows sometimes make some enemies like a Guay drop a Purple rupee when it is defeated. This can come in handy if you are short on money.


Country Name
Japanese 光の矢 (Hikari no Ya)
English Light Arrows
French Flèche de Lumière
German Licht-Pfeile
Spanish Flecha de Luz
Italian Frecca della Luce

For a change all the translations are correct!

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