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Ganon's Tower

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The tower, built by Ganon, out of which he runs his evil schemes. There have been at least three of these towers: in ALttP, on top of the mountain in the Dark World; in OoT, in place of Hyrule Castle (destroyed when Link defeated Ganondorf); and in TWW, on top of the mountain next to Hyrule Castle.

A Link to the Past

Quick Information
Location: Death Mountain in the Dark World
Required Item(s):
Treasures: Red Mail
Mini-boss(es): 6 Armos Knights, 3 Lanmolas, Moldorm
Boss: Ganon
Enemies: Stalfos, Bari, Daira, Taurus, Skull Wizzrobe, Wizzrobe, Goriya, Rocklops, Helmasaur, Moldorm, Hardhat Beetle, Gibdo, Floormaster