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A kind of jellyfish that floats in the air. Will shock you if you try to attack it.

Quick Information
Appearances: ALttP, OoT, OoA, OoS
Order: Electric Jellyfish
Habitat: Dungeons, ofen near water areas
Attack Pattern: Bari come in blue and red version in ALttP, in the other games only a Blue Bari appears. If a Bari is defeated it will split up in several Biris depending on the game.

BariBlue ALttP.gif BariRed ALttP.gif
Appearance: A Link to the Past
Quick Facts: In ALttP this jellyfish usually floats around with little movement, and it performs some electric discharge every now and then. If Link hits him with his sword on those moments he gets electrocuted causing some damage. Other than this it can be defeated with almost any weapon and will split up in 2 Biris.
BariArt OoT.jpg
Bari OoT.png
Appearance: Ocarina of Time
Quick Facts: In OoT Bari falls down from the ceiling and roots itself in the ground. If Link comes near he will start spinning around his tentacles, if you hit it with a sword you get an electric charge. Defeat it using the Spin Attack or the Boomerang to make it split up in regular 3 Biris.

Bari Or.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Ages / Seasons
Quick Facts: This Bari comes only in the blue variaty and is very similar to the one in ALttP. It features some of the later dungeons.




Bari usually appears in some of the dungeons where there is water nearby. This Jellyfish can cause quite a nuisance if you try to defeat it just by slashing your sword into it. For the Bari has a defense mechanism that will electrocute anything it comes in contact with. Bari moves around pretty slow so it is in most cases easy to avoid.

A Link to the Past

In this game Bari appears in two different versions: Red and Blue. They are identical in behavior and strength, but a Red Bari will split up in 2 Biris if you defeat it.

Bari can be found in about every Dungeon of the Dark World including the Palace of the Four Sword in the GBA version. The Blue Bari also replaces the 'puffballs' that protect Arrghus in the Palace of the Four Sword.

Ocarina of Time

A few of these jellyfish can only be found in the 3rd dungeon: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly. They look completely different from the other Baris, in the sense that they have only two tentacles and they are also stationary enemies. A Bari will fall down from the ceiling, when Link gets near one. Then they start to spin their tentacles around causing damage to anything that gets near, if you back off a bit Bari will stop spinning around.

These enemies cannot be defeated with sword slashes and they even electrocute Link if he tries to hit him with a sword. Alternatively use the Energy wave created by the Spin Attack or the Boomerang to defeat them from afar. After he is defeated a Bari will split up in 3 normal Biris. These can also be defeated along the Bari in one go if you use the Spin Attack close enough.

Oracle of Ages / Seasons

In OoA Bari can be found in dungeons #6: Mermaid Cavern and #7: Jabu-Jabu's Belly. Unfortunately, I don't know where they are in OoS. Only Blue Baris can be found in the Oracle games, however these Blue Baris do split up in two Biris unlike their ALttP counterpart. Their behavior is also identical to that of the ones found in ALttP; they move around pretty slow and will flash occasionally with an electric discharge.

Miscellaneous Notes

Apart from the Bari in OoT Bari is never named in any game, so many different names have been present throughout the series. A few examples are: Biri (which made the Biri a Mini-Biri), Jellyfish and Jelly.

Two giant relatives of the jellyfish exist the Zelda games. They are the Barinade, boss of the third dungeon in OoT and Plasmarine the boss of the seventh dungeon in OoA.

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

Navi's Advice:

If you touch it, you will be 


Country Name
Japanese バリ (BARI)
English Bari
French Bari
German große Zappelqualle

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