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Quick Information
Appearances: LoZ, ALttP SNES, LA, OoT, LA DX, MM, OoA, OoS, ALttP GBA, FS, TWW, TMC
Order: Stone Statue / Mimic
Habitat: Dungeons, Caverns, Overworld
Attack Pattern: Armos looks like a regular statue in the shape of a soldier, but they don’t show any kind of movement until you touch them. After doing so the statue comes to life and will pursue you for quite a while. Most of the time they can be taken out with a bomb or the sword. These all-stars appear in almost every single Zelda game apart from AoL and FSA.
ArmosArt LoZ.gif
Armos LoZ.gif
Appearance: Legend of Zelda
Quick Facts: The first appearance of this enemy; in this game Armoses tend to move around very quickly and are difficult to defeat.

ArmosStatue ALttP.gifArmos ALttP.gif
Appearance: A Link to the Past (SNES & GBA)
Quick Facts: In both releases of ALttP Armoses can be found near the entrance of the Eastern Palace.

Armos LA.gifArmos LADX.gif
Appearance: Link's Awakening (DX)
Quick Facts: Armos statues appear mostly around the Face Shrine to the north of Koholint Island. Their appearance is very similar to that of the ones in LoZ.
ArmosArt OoT.gif
Armos OoT MM.jpg
Appearance: Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask
Quick Facts: Again the Armos is around to bother Link in OoT. This time you can find them very early in the game; Dodongo's Cavern. These Armoses look more like ALttP's incarnation. In Majora's Mask they also appear in exactly the same manner, but not as often.

Armos Or.gifArmos2 Or.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Ages / Seasons
Quick Facts: In the Oracle games Armos behaves exactly the same as in LA, although they have a new color pattern.

Armos FS.gif
Appearance: Four Swords
Quick Facts: Not much is known about these guys...

Appearance: The Wind Waker
Quick Facts: Armos Statues in this game seem a little harder to defeat in this game, because they are only vulnerable to the rear where the gem is located.

ArmosStatue TMC.gifArmos TMC.gif
Appearance: The Minish Cap
Quick Facts: In The Minish Cap these guys appear various places. Their sprite seems to have been copied almost straight from FS.




The Armos is a stone statue that will only attack if Link comes too close or attacks it. Armos has a stone or metal look (depending on the game) and is usually equipped with a shield and a sword. Sometimes Armos has only one eye, sometimes two. Armos is an all-star enemy that is around in every Zelda Game except for AoL and FSA.

Legend of Zelda

In this game the Armos appears in both the overworld and in dungeons. Armos looks just like a regular orange statue, but this one will attack when you touch it. One of the Armos Statues near the graveyard was cleverly placed on top of a stairs to a shop where the Blue Ring is sold. Armos moves pretty fast in this game and can be hazardous to your energy if they keep on crashing into you. Your sword hasn't much effect on them, so it's better to use bombs instead.

A Link to the Past

Armos Statues only appear here just outside the Eastern Palace. They seem to be guarding the palace from unwanted intruders. Upon touching the statue it becomes yellowish and starts to attack you. After three hits with the Level 1 Sword, these creatures are easily disposed of. Armos moves by hopping around in this game.

Link's Awakening (DX)

These fake statues make their appearance again near the Face Shrine. They look a lot darker than in the other games for some reason. This kind of Armos moves a lot slower than the LoZ counterpart, but can still be a challenge if you meet a lot of them simulataneously.

Ocarina of Time

ArmosStatue OoT.jpg
Armoses in Ocarina of Time can only to be found in Dodongo's Cavern and the Spirit Temple. As a child, Link has to use a Deku Nut to paralyze them, as the Kokiri Sword only has effect on this enemy when it is stunned. After acquiring the Bomb Bag, he can also use Bombs on them. When Link is an adult, he can use a single blow with the Master Sword to defeat one of these. Armoses in this game could be easily mistaken for a regular statue like the ones you need to push over to a switch. Most people are in for quite a surprise when they make contact with of these for the first time.

Majora's Mask

The statues are exactly the same as in OoT, but they can only be found in the Stone Tower Temple. Goron Link can easily take these out by using his Goron Punches on them.

Oracle of Ages / Seasons

The Armos here have exactly the same looks and behavior as in LA, only their color is a lot lighter. In Oracle of Ages you need to solve a small puzzle involving some Armos Statues in order to enter the 8th dungeon of that game, the Ancient Tomb.

Four Swords

In this multiplayer game the Armos looks a lot like a the red ones in the Oracle games, but it is slightly bigger and more detailed. The best way to destroy Armos in FS is by attacking either the rear or the sides. Frontal assaults have no effect since Armos is carrying a shield.

The Wind Waker

Your first encounter with animated Armos Statues is in the Tower of the Gods. After this they appear in some of the other dungeons you will come across as well. This mimic is now only susceptible to damage at one spot on his rear. It is the little pink jewel that can be destroyed with the sword. You can use arrows on their single eye to stun them temporarily, which makes it easier to attack that weak spot.

The Minish Cap

There are not so many Armoses in this game, but most of them can be found in the Wind Ruins in the southwest corner of Hyrule. The physical appearance of the Armos closely resembles the ones from FS. According to the Swordsman Newsletter and the Figurine Description, these Armos were built by the Minish a long time ago so they could protect the Wind Ruins from hostile enemies. In this game Link can also enter one of these statues in the Wind Ruins. Inside he can activate the statue so it will eventually move out of the way, allowing Link to continue his adventure.

Miscellaneous Notes

The Armos family has three brothers; Armos Knight, Armos Warrior and Death Armos. These all look like statues of soldiers. A group of 6 Armos Knights are the boss of the Eastern Palace in ALttP. The shielded Armos Warrior is the mini-boss in fourth dungeon of OoA. Finally, Death Armos is somewhat bigger and can be flipped over with an Light Arrow. They appear throughout the Stone Tower Temple in Majora’s Mask. In most games the Armos are left handed, except in OoT and MM where they are right handed and WW where they are unarmed.

Relevant Quotes

Legend of Zelda

Taken from LoZ Manual:

A soldier who has been turned into a stone statue.
He moves and attacks if touched by Link.
He has a fair amount of attacking power.”

Ocarina of Time

Navi’s Advice:

Stop its movement and then destroy it!

Majora's Mask

Tatl’s Advice:

You know about the Armos, right?
Don't touch it!
Blow it up before it wakes, please!

The Wind Waker

NPG Description of Armos:

Habitat: Tower of the Gods
Vulnerability: Arrows
These small statues shift into autopilot and attack prey. Shoot them in the eyes with an arrow to silence them, then destroy them by hacking their crystal backs.

The Minish Cap

Swordsman Newsletter #8:

Swiftblade's Gossip Column
Armos, fabled creations of the Minish.
I hear that they drop Kinstone pieces
when you beat them!
Or so it seems...
But it's just a rumor...

Figurine Description:

Appears in the Wind Ruins. Built by the Minish for the Wind Tribe long ago. They look like stone statues, but if you get too close, they move!


Country Name
Japanese アモス (AMOSU)
English Armos
French Armos
German Armos (Armos-ritter in OoT)
Spanish Armos
Italian Armos

Translation Notes

All the translations in most of the later released games are the same, but in Ocarina of Time the Armos is called an "Armos-Knight" for the German audience.

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