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Ancient Tomb

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Quick Information
Required Item(s):
Treasures: Power Glove, Falling Star
Mini-boss(es): ???
Boss: Ramrock

The eighth and final dungeon of Oracle of Ages. It is located in the Sea of No Return in the past, north of Crescent Isle.



This dungeon can only be entered once you clear the other seven. This is so because the middle Armos Statue at the start of the maze to this dungeon will not move until you cleared the other seven. You need to align all three in order to get to the Ancient Tomb.


The last dungeon isn’t really that hard, but it is probably the biggest measured in total area. This Tomb’s main feature is collecting all four Stone Slabs in each corner on the second basement floor. These are required open the path to the last floor where the boss: Ramrock is located.


To get the big treasure (the Power Glove) of this dungeon you will need to complete a tile puzzle which can be difficult at the first time, one thing to bear in mind is that you will have to finish in the upper left corner of the room to finish it. Just after that you will have to face the Blue Stalfos, who actually shows some resemblance with Gomess from Majora’s Mask.

The final boss of this final dungeon is Ramrock. This enemy goes through four phases before he is defeated in the end. After that the 8th Essence: Falling Star is yours, then it is off to the Maku Tree for your final instructions on beating Veran.

Miscellaneous Notes

This is actually the only dungeon in the Oracle of Ages where you can make use of the Snowshoe Ring, since here is the only place where you will find icy floortiles in the entire game.


Country Name
Japanese いにしえの はか (Inishie no Haka)
English Level 8 Ancient Tomb
French Niveau 8 Tombe Ancienne
German Level 8 Antikes Grabmal
Spanish Nivel 8 Tumba Antigua
Italian Livello 8 Tomba Antica


The Japanese version calls this tomb: "Ancient Grave", which is slightly different from a tomb.

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