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Armos Warrior

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Miniboss of level 4, Skull Dungeon. See Armos Knight.

Quick Information

ArmosWarrior NoShield.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Ages
Order: Stone Statue
Habitat: Level 4: Skull Dungeon
Quick Facts: Armos Warrior is very similar to the Armos Knight you encountered in ALttP and LA. The biggest difference is that its shield is so strong that it can repel all of you attacks. However his Mighty Sword is can be used against his own Mighty Shield.
Attack Pattern: The Armos Warrior will levitate his sword in the air, and it will try to home in on you. If you manage to get the Armos Warrior in between the sword and you, the sword will hit him and after a few attempt his shield breaks leaving him vulnerable.



The Armos Warrior is the mini-boss of the fourth dungeon in the Oracle of Ages. He resembles an Armos Knight from the previous games, only he is equipped with a Mighty Shield. The shield is incredibly strong meaning that none of your attacks seem to make contact with the warrior. It also has a picture of a sword on it, and that is just the hint you need to destroy it.

As soon as the battle commences his Mighty Sword starts floating in the air, while it is trying to home in on you the Armos Warrior is jumping around trying to catch up with you. After the sword aligns itself with you it will dash towards you, if you can get the Armos Warrior in between you and the sword it will hit him first. The hit will leave small cracks in his shield, do this three consecutive times to destroy his shield and break his sword.

ArmosWarrior.gif Arrow.gif ArmosWarrior2.gif Arrow.gif ArmosWarrior3.gif

The Armos Warrior will be mad at you for making him break his equipment and starts to dash towards you, often head banging into the wall. This will leave him stunned for a few seconds and that is your chance to hit him with your sword. Repeat this several times to destroy the single Armos Warrior. After its defeat it will not return anymore.

Miscellaneous Notes

The Armos Warrior is the only type of Armos that is impervious to all your attacks and it is also the only Armos that appears only one time.

Armos is the basic form of these stone knight statues, it can be found in many dungeons. Next to that is the Armos Knight, these are the boss of the Eastern Palace and Ganon's Tower in ALttP also one appears in LA. Then there is also another version called the Death Armos which appears in the Stone Tower Temple of MM.

Relevant Quotes

Armos Warrior upon meeting him:

My mighty sword
and mighty
shield shall
crush you!"

Armos Warrior again just after you destroyed his sword:

My mighty sword
is broken...
You'll pay for


insert translations here please

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