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Death Armos

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Quick Information

Appearance: MM
Order: Stone Statue
Habitat: Found only in the Stone Tower Temple
Quick Facts: If hit with a light arrow, it will turn upside down. When upside down, it will continue it's attack, therefore ramming it's head into the floor causing an explosion.
Attack Pattern: Floats around and tries to slam down on you and crush you.


Death armos is one of the four types of Armos, the others being Armos Knight, Armos Warrior and regular Armos. These are bigger than the regular armos, and are black in colour. Death armos will float around above your head and when lined up, will slam down to the ground in an attempt to crush you.

As Tatl tells you, they have a red mark on their chest. This mark is identical to the mark on the Stone Tower Temple's entrance (when this is shot with a Light Arrow, the temple turns upside down), a light arrow has the same effect on a death armos.

When they are upside down, they will continue attacking, but now when they hit the ground they will go head first and consequently explode, leaving behind a magic potion.

Relevant Quotes

Tatl’s Advice:

Death Armos, a temple guard... Look at that red 
mark on its chest! I know you've seen something
like that before...

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