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Malon is a blue-eyed girl with long, red hair. She wears a yellowish gown as a child, and a yellowish shirt with a purple dress when older. The yellow garments have the ancient Hylian letters for "lon" written on the open edges. Worn over her shoulders is an orange scarf hooked with a golden Bowser-faced brooch. She wears brown boots.

Ocarina of Time

Malon in Ocarina of Time lives at Lon Lon Ranch with her father, Talon. She often has to scold her father for being so lazy. She set the original record in Lon Lon Ranch's obstacle course, and hopes a knight in shining armor will someday come and sweep her off her feet.

Upon meeting Link for the first time, Malon recognizes his outfit as the clothing worn by the forest people, so she calls him "fairy boy".

Of the horses cared for at Lon Lon Ranch, Epona is a good friend of Malon's. Malon attracts Epona by singing a song Malon's mother composed.

After Ingo takes over Lon Lon Ranch and kicks out Talon, Malon chooses to stay so Ingo won't mistreat the horses.

Oracle of Seasons

MalonSprite OoS.gif
In Oracle of Seasons, Malon is left to take care of her father's Cuccos while he's at Mt. Cucco. Malon is troubled because she doesn't know how to take care of the hens. A Cuccodex has information Malon needs to care for them, and she would gladly trade a Lon Lon Egg for a Cuccodex.
MalonArt OoS.png

The Minish Cap

Malon TMC sprites.png

Living in a small ranch just outside of Hyrule Town, Malon in The Minish Cap works alongside her father. She claims the milk from her ranch is the finest milk in Hyrule. You meet her first when she and her father, Talon, have been locked out of their house accidentally, and you must retrieve the key to get permission from Talon to cross througfh their house to lake Hylia beyond it.

Four Swords Adventures

FSA Malon.png

Miscellaneous Notes

Oracle of Seasons

Normally Malon has long ears common to the Hyrulean people. In Oracle of Seasons, she has normal, rounded human ears.

Majora's Mask

While Malon does not appear in Majora's Mask, her design is the base for Cremia and Romani.

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

Gossip Stone:

They say that Malon set the
original record in the obstacle
course of Lon Lon Ranch.

Gossip Stone:

They say that Malon of Lon Lon
Ranch hopes a knight in shining
armor will come and sweep her off
her feet someday.

Malon, seeing Link for the first time:

Hey, your clothes! They're...
You're not from around here,
are you?
Ohh... You're a fairy boy from
the forest! My name is Malon!
My dad owns Lon Lon Ranch!

Malon, when her father is late:

Would you mind finding my dad?
He must have fallen asleep
somewhere around the castle.
What a thing for an adult to do!
Tee hee!


Malon yelled at me for a long

Oracle of Seasons


My dad, Talon, went to climb Mt. Cucco,
so I have to care for our hens. But
there's so much I don't know... 

Malon, after trading for the Cuccodex:

Take this! It's a Lon Lon Egg. These
eggs are all the rage with cute girls!


I really caught it from Malon when I
got back! 

The Minish Cap

Malon, outside the locked ranch:

Honestly! Where did Dad go this time?!?
I leave for just a few minutes, and he
locks up the ranch and takes off!

Malon, when Talon can't find his key:

What a pain. And I was thinking of
going into town to sell Lon Lon Milk.

Malon, in Hyrule Town selling milk:

Thanks so much! Remember, Lon Lon
Milk is the best in all Hyrule!


Country OoT OoS TMC
Japanese マロン ('MARON') マロン ('MARON') マロン ('MARON')
English Malon Malon Malon
French Malon Malon Malon
German Malon Malon Malon
Spanish - Malon Maron
Italian - Malon Malon

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