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Ocarina of Time

IngoArt OoT.png
Ingo works at the Lon Lon Ranch along Malon and Talon. His official art image differs a bit from his sprite that is used in the game. The main difference is that his overalls are white instead of pink, perhaps pink didn't turn out to look as suitable on the sprite as on the art image.

After Ganondorf takes over control of Hyrule Ingo threw Talon out of the ranch and started to run the thing on his own. When adult Link comes to see Epona again he finds out that Ingo is going to present the mare to Ganondorf himself. After beating him in two horseback races Link finally earns Epona, but Ingo locks the gates of the ranch. Fortunately Link can jump over the gate (or some parts of the exterior wall) using Epona. After you awaken Talon in Kakariko Village using a Pocket Cucco everything turns to normal and Ingo wears his white overalls again.

Oracle of Seasons

Ingo OoS.gif
This Ingo collects many vases and is very strict about keeping you away from his vases, for he fears that you might break one! Link needs to trade a specific Goron Vase in order to complete the trading quest in this game. If you trade this item with Ingo he will give you a Fish in return.
IngoArt OoS.gif

Misscellaneous Notes

The Luigi Connection

It is rumored that Ingo's image in OoT was derived from the original Luigi in Super Mario Brothers. The same goes for Talon who is created from Mario's design. This makes sense since his clothing is white overalls and green shirt (which is the exact same as Fire Luigi had).

German Names

Submitted by William Givens:

"We also received lists of common German names, and Ingo is listed as a common name for German boys. The German pronunciation for Ingo is approximately 'Een-go.'"



Country OoT OoS
Japanese インゴー ('INGOO') インゴー ('INGOO')
English Ingo Ingo
French Ingo  ?
German Basil  ?
Spanish -  ?
Italian -  ?


The German version of OoT has renamed Ingo into Basil.

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

Oracle of Seasons


Vases wanted!
 Ingo, Collector


That Biggoron!
No matter how
often I ask, he
won't give me
vase! I'd
give my dinner
for it--Fish!

Ingo if you have the Goron Vase in your inventory:

Gasp! Tha-tha...
That vase!
Give me that
vase, please!
I'm begging you!
 ›Sure ›No way 
(choose Sure)
It goes right in my collection! In thanks, here! Take my dinner-- my last Fish!

More quotes by Ingo:

I love vases...
I just don't
understand how
people can
break them!
How heartless!
Scram! Don't touch my vases! I swear!

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