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The older of the of the ranch girls and the more realistic and concerned about life, particulary managing her farm and raising her younger sister. She's good friends with Anju, but also has a crush on Kafei, which makes her feel exceptionally despondent. Of all the characters in Majora's Mask, it's easiest to relate to Cremia, because she has such realistic worries and concerns.

After defeating the aliens/ghosts with Romani, you can hang around until Cremia heads to Clock Town with a wagonload of milk (Note of interest... the wagon has a steering wheel and not reins). You can hitch a ride with her and head ride in the back all the way to Clock Town gates... but you'll run into trouble along the way. Cremia shows a great deal of calm and resolution and drives Link through "rough country", simply asking him to shoot down the men chasing after her.

Should you be successful, Cremia will then give you the Romani's Mask. Later, if you repeat the mission, there exists a chance she will give you something offscreen. Judging by the pink text that follows this little scene (put in italics), what happened between her and Link was not entirely appropriate.

Relevant Quotes


You did it! You helped Cremia!
You feel all warm and fuzzy!
inside! Sigh...
You could get used to this!

Misscellaneous Notes

The sprite used is the same as adult Malon, just as Romani uses the young Malon sprite. Presumably their dead father would have used the Talon sprite.


Country Name
Japanese クリミア (KURIMIA)
All other Cremia

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