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Family man, married to Rose with two sons, Joel and Zill. Lives on Outset Island and keeps Pigs as pets.



Abe is a man who lives on Outset Island who is married to Rose and has two sons: Joel and Zill. He is dressed in a yellow shirt with a green stripe, Abe also has brown hair and a beard. He is very interested in Wild Pigs, in the beginning of the game he’s trying to catch a black pig by awaiting it from behind the palm tree. He gives Link some hints on how to catch the little cretins. After coming back again after clearing the first dungeons, he will be just outside of his house next to the fairly grown pig. Abe will also ask you later on in the game to take the pig ( who has the same name as you ) out for a walk.


In his younger days Abe scored pretty well with the ladies. His low voice and good appearance helped with that too. At some point in his life he fell in love with Rose. After many rejections from Rose he managed to persuade her to marry him. After that they settled together in a home on an upper edge on the lower area of Outset Island. Currently he is looking for a pet animal.

Miscellaneous Notes

According to the Nintendo Gallery’s description of Joel and Zill, these two children have a remarkable resemblance to their father. I don’t see too much resemblance, but who I am to say.

Relevant Quotes

Nintendo Gallery - Abe’s Description

Birthplace: Outset Island
Greatest Treasure: His family
Abe is a family man who takes good care of his wife and two kids. In his younger days, his dashing good looks and baritone voice made him quite the ladies’ man.
Then one day, he was instantly smitten by a woman named Rose. Even though he was consistently rebuffed, he persisted and finally convinced Rose to marry him.


First conversation, abe kneeling on the ground next to the tree just west of Sturgeon's House

I just saw a wild...a wild pig! 
Ooh! See? Look! That  black one there...
Don't you see him? 
This is perfect! My wife was just telling me how she really wanted a pet...
You ready to go grab it, Link? Now, you can't just run up on it! Pigs are too alert about their surroundings for you to just job up and capture one.
If you want to get close to one, you have to crouch and to crawl slowly up behind it. Slowly...
You could also distract it with bait, I guess.

After giving the pig to Rose, he is stood up.

If you come across wild pigs, you've got to
be careful not to scare them. What you 
need to do is open your heart to them.
...Yeah, you heard me right! 
For example, you can feed them bait to settle them down, or hold R and use O to slowly crawl up behind them. That way, you wont startle them and they'll like you.
Oh, and remember to put away anything you're holding before you press R to crouch. You can't go crawling around with stuff in your hands! Wild animals scare easily. Just trust me on this one, all right?
The secret is to put them at ease by feeding them bait. Or you can press R and use O to sneak up on them.
Just remember to put away anything you have in your hand before you press R to crouch.


Country Name
Japanese アブリおじさん "ABURI ojiisan"
English Abe
French Abel
German Abraham
Italian Signor Giuan
Spanish Abraham


His Japanese name is literally "old man Aburi". In the Italian version he is called "Mr. Giuan".