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Younger son of Abe and Rose on Outset Island in WW. This inquisitive boy lets his nose run on purpose, and follows his older brother Joel and Link around persistantly. Even the sea is no escape from this runny nose! in TMC, he's a little kid in Hyrule Town. He wishes he could go to the town Fun School.If you speak to him twice in a row, he'll start following you around.

Relevent Quotes

Nintendo Gallery

Birthplace: Outset Island
Talent: Sniffling
Zill is a hyper-inquisitive young boy who speaks his thoughts as soon as they come to mind. He can often strike a nerve without realizing it.
He likes to imitate his older brother, Joel. And strangely enough, it seems that he actually lets his nose run on purpose...


After Receiving the Hero's clothes

So? So? So?
So...aren't those clothes hot?

So...what are you doin'?


Country Name
Japanese ヂル "JIRU"
English Zill
French Jill
German Til
Italian Mukino
Spanish Jil