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A heavyset woman living on Outset Island, Rose is the wife of Abe. She loves her pet pigs, but still considers them potential food. Rose laughs her way out of lies. Rose has two sons Joel and Zill

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Birthplace: Outset Island
Favorite thing: Animals 
The mother of Joel and Zill, Rose a woman of refreshingly simple tastes...but she's a demanding mother. She has the bad habit of trying to laugh her way out of lies.


After recieving Hero's Clothes:

Oh, Link! You look cute as a bug
in that outfit! 
I suppose I should congratulate you on your birthday, shouldn't I?
Well, to tell the truth, I could congratulate myself too. We just finished building our little hutch and paddock today! Isn't it a delightful addition to the place?
I was actually thinking of getting a pet and keeping it here. The boys would really like that, I'm sure. Boys love pets!
I wonder what kind of animal we should get... What do kids like these days? Listen, dearie, if you see any good pets around, be a lamb and just bring one here.
If you do, I'll give you a little reward. Oh! But we won't tell your grandma about it, will we?
If you find an amimal that would make a
good pet, just bring it here and put it
inside the fence, all right? 
I'll give you a little spending money if you do! And won't that be nice?

After retrieving a pig:

Why, did you bring that little piglet all the
way up here just for me?
Oh! Thank you! Thank you so much! I've been thinking of getting a pet pig for a while now. The boys will be SO happy when they get home. You sweetie!
OK, Link... Hold out your hand. This is your reward! Don't spend it all in one place!
(Link recieves 20 Rupees)
Why, this little darling is cute as a button! You know, it's so cute that I wouldn't mind having even more of them!
Any pig as cute as this one is welcome in 
my pen! You just go ahead and bring me 
however many you like!

After finding the second pig:

Why, did you bring me another piglet?
Oh, were you all worried that this little guy would get lonely hanging out inside the fence all by himself? That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard!
Thank you SO much for bringing us yet another family member.
Here's a little something for you!
(Link receives 20 Rupees)
If you find any other little piggies, you know where to bring them!
Look at how much space there is in that 
pen! I'll tell you what... If you find any
other lost little piggies, you just go right
ahead and bring them here! OK?

And after finding the third pig:

Ooh! Ooh! Look at this one! You sure do
know where to find the cutest pigs on the 
whole Great Sea! Hey, oinker! Oink! Oink!
Oh, now things will be ever so much more lively in the pen. It'll be like a big pig jamboree in there! Thank you so much!
Oh! That's right... I can't let you leave without giving you a present... Happy birthday, Link!
(Link receives 20 Rupees)
I guess I'd better think up some names for these little oinky-woinkies, huh?
What should I name these little oinkers...?


Country Name
Japanese ローズおばさん "ROOZU obaasan"
English Rose
French Rose
German Rose
Italian Señora Rosa
Spanish Signora Rosy


Her Japanese name is literally "old lady Rose".