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Big-headed old man on Outset Island, brother of Orca. Very wise, has a lot to teach. Lives with his granddaughter, Sue-Belle.

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Birthplace: Outset Island
Peronality: Extremely serious
Known as Outset's living encyclopedia, Sturgeon is quite wise, boasting an abnormally high IQ.
He has extremely sensitive nerves - quite the opposite of his younger brother, Orca, who lives downstairs. Surprisingly, Sturgeon was an accomplished swordsman in his youth.


Sturgeon shouts from his balcony:

'Hoy Link! Press L right there 
and use A to talk to me! Try it!

Link Does so:

That's correct. You're a smart one!
You, my friend, have just L-targeted me. You see, when you press L, you can target certain objects. I, for one, use it quite often to talk to folks who are far away from me.
Of course, even if there isn't anything around to target, you can press L to face forward, you know. It's quite handy, indeed.
There are a myriad of other ways to use L-targeting, as well. Quite an ingenious little thing, if I do say so myself!
Of course, that's not the only trick in my bag. Not remotely! I can tach you a few more things if you'll just climb up that ladder of ther there and drop by my room.

Link Does so:

So soon? My, my, my...
If you're already old enough to be wearing
those clothes...
...Then it's going to be very importand for you to gather as much wisdom as you can from now on! If you're to make your way in the world, that is, Link!
Now, I've been studying a wealth of topics since long before you were born. I'm what you'd call a brain-of-all-trades!
You're a smart little fellow yourself, aren't you? I've been thinking it's time for me to pass some of my wisdom down, and maybe you're the one I should pass it down to...
Everything that you see tacked to the walls here is something that I've researched thoroughly. And before you ask, yes, I do know my filing system is odd.
Organisational issues aside, however, it's all extremely useful information. You would do well to read it all very carefully. Reading leads to knowing, you know!
(There is a bang, the walls wobble, and all the pots fall off the shelves)
Such a racket! Can't you keep quiet!? You've knocked everything off my shelves, you dratted hooligan!
Honestly! The hooligan I'm referring to is my younger, and much less intelligent brother, who lives just downstairs...
He hates studying. All day, every day, the lout just exercises and practices with his weapons. Does he exercise his brain? No! The brain's a muscle, too! ...I think.
Anyway, the only thing he DOES study is the art of fighting. Right now, for instance, he's been studying fencing and whatnot. As if that's of any use to anyone...
He simply doesn't know how to do anything besides exercise. I ask you, what's a brother to do?

And then if you talk to him again

You're a smart lad, Link.
You'll find that everything I've written down and tacked to my walls will be very useful in life. A lifetime of knowledge, all for you!
You just be sure to take the time to read it all through very carefully.
If you don't, you'll surely end up like that useless hooligan of a little brother of mine who lives downstairs.

After Tetra is dropped in the forest, he adds:

My stars! What was that racket outside?!