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The human form of the series' arch-villain, Ganon. Ganondorf was the king of Gerudo thieves. He desired to rule the world, and was able to find the Triforce. The Triforce allowed him to become an evil king, and he has since become a monster known as Ganon. He has died and been revived several times.



A Link to the Past (SNES & GBA)

Ganondorf wasn't in this game, but he is in his beast form. He is disguised as the priest Agahnim.

The real Ganon is only at the end, when Link has to fight him.

Ocarina of Time

GanondorfArt OoT.png
Ganondorf first appears in the introduction of this game in Link's nightmare. The sole male Gerudo born in 100 years, and according to the game Koume and Kotake are his surrogate mothers. Ganondorf is king and leader of the Gerudo tribe that lives in the west of Hyrule near the desert.

After Link opens the Door of Time and pulls the Master Sword from its pedestral inside the Temple of Time he also lets Ganondorf enter the Sacred Realm allowing him to claim the Triforce for himself. He gets his wish granted and becomes the King of Evil and ruler of Hyrule, however because he believes mostly in the force of Power the Triforce splits up in three parts and only the Triforce of Power remains in his possession.

The Wind Waker

GanondorfArt TWW.jpg

In Wind Waker, Ganondorf uses most of his time in the Forsaken Fortress, and in the Ganon's Castle.

Wind Waker's Ganondorf is totally different from Ocarina of Time. He has a big robe, and he is able to use swords. His beast form is the Puppet Ganon, not the original "pig", though the puppet looks like a swine, too.

Ganondorf in Super Smash Brothers: Melee

So far Ganondorf has only featured one non-Zelda game: Super Smash Brothers: Melee. In this game (almost) all of his moves are more powerfull versions of Captain Falcon, making him a clone. The model used for Ganondorf's appearance is a modified version of OoT. Although the sword he uses for his Victory Pose probably originates from the early TWW shots that showed Ganondorf fighting Link in a realistic environment.

In 1 on 1 battles Ganondorf works reasonably well, but his sluggish speed and his inability of using projectiles doesn't work in his advantage. On the other hand his weight and power give him an edge in 4 player melees. He also can use a special technique called 'chain throw' allowing him to consequentively damage a few of the other characters without being able to break free from his grasps. The idea is basically to grab your enemy, down-throw, and then grab the enemy when he/she falls down again on the floor from the initial bump. On some characters like Sheik this method can be very deadly.

On a sidenote Ganondorf was for a long time the only character capable of obtaining the maximum distance in the Home Run Contest mini-game, punching the Sandbag to the maximal distance of 3458.4m/11346.9Ft.

Attack Direction
Warlock Punch Neutral B
Gerudo Dragon Side B
Dark Dive Up B
Wizard's Foot Down B

Miscellaneous Notes

Ocarina of Time

There is a small visual version difference for Ganondorf in OoT. After you beat him in battle Ganondorf will cough up some blood. In the original release (version 1.0) this blood was red, because the developers wanted to stay to realism as close as possible. But because of rating issues this was changed into green blood for all of the succesive versions including the bonus disks that appeared for the NGC.

version 1.0 version 1.1 / 1.2
GanondorfBlood OoTv1.0.jpg GanondorfBlood OoT1.1.png


Ocarina of Time

Ganondorf's introduction from OoT
Ganondorf wielding the Triforce of Power, just before transforming into Ganon

The Wind Waker

Super Smash Brothers: Melee


Relevant Quotes

Super Smash Brothers: Melee

Trophy Descriptions:

Said to be the sole man
born to the Gerudo tribe
in a hundred years,
Ganondorf aspired to
conquer the world. He
plundered a piece of the
sacred Triforce from the
Temple of Time when Link
pulled the Master Sword 
from its pedestal. With
the Triforce of Power 
in Ganondorf's possession,
Hyrule was plunged into
darkness until Link and
Zelda defeated the fiend.
Since he's slow and
can't jump very high,
Ganondorf relies mainly
on his immense physical
strength to overwhelm
his enemies. His great
weight also makes him
a difficult foe to send
offscreen. Ganondorf's
Warlock Punch is slow
but absurdly powerful,
and when he strikes
with his Gerudo Dragon,
enemies rise skyward
enveloped in dark flames.
Ganondorf's slow
speed works against
him in single combat,
but in melees, his crazy
power lets him earn his
keep with innumerable
KOs. Ganondorf can't
strike quickly, but each
blow he lands adds up.
Ganondorf is at his
quickest when he
uses the Wizard's Foot,
and his Dark Dive
blasts foes in a burst
of dark energy.

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