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Quick Information
Appearances: ALttP (SNES & GBA), OoS
Order: Gerudo (?)
Habitat: Dungeons
Attack Pattern: He teleports, appearing and disappearing in continuosly, and attacks throwing two kinds of magic balls, one of them reflectable with the Master Sword. He also attacks with a lightning.
Agahnim2Art ALttP.jpg
Agahnim ALttP.gif
Appearance: A Link to the Past (SNES & GBA)
Quick Facts: He apperas twice in the game: the first in Hyrule Castle and then in Ganon's Tower.

Agahnim OoS.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Seasons
Quick Facts: He's the miniboss of the fourth dungeon. Here he makes two fake copies of himself, but only his real body has a shadow.




The official artwork created for Agahnim is doesn't look the same at the sprite used in ALttP, whereas his OoS incarnation resembles him a little better. The Agahnim in the game has a green robes a brownish skin and his headgear looks a lot bigger.

AgahnimArt ALttP(GBA).jpg

A Link to the Past

A wizard who stopped sudden disasters in Hyrule, and was made royal advisor. Actually the alter ego of Ganon. Used his power to take over the throne and kidnap the seven sages' descendants. Used their power to break the seven sages' seal, in the introduction scene Agahnim is also seen as he warps Zelda to Dark World.

Link has to battle Agahnim two times in this game, first he must defeat him in Hyrule Castle so can go to the dark world and surprisingly a second time in Ganon's Tower. After this battle it is soon to be revealed that Agahnim was nothing more than an alter ego of Ganon. In combat itself Agahnim teleports all over the room using his shadow and he can only be defeated by deflecting his magic projectiles back to him. This can be done by bounching them off the Master Sword or the Bug Catching Net. Agahnim also has a special Lightning attack that causes some damage, but has a very wide range.

Oracle of Seasons

Agahnim appears as a Mini-boss of level 4 Dungeon: Dancing Dragon. In this battle you have to fight two fake copies of him as well. In order to make out the difference between the real and the fake ones Link has to use some Ember Seeds on the torches so the bright light will reveal the real Agahnim by looking at his shadow on the ground.

Miscellaneous Notes

Agahnim the Pawn or Alter ego?

The maiden whom Link rescues in the of the Misery Mire tells Link that Ganon used Agahnim as his pawn, but we all know that Ganon himself refers to Agahnim as his alter ego. This seems somewhat contradicting for a pawn is somebody how you use for your own good, not somebody how you are yourself.

The Nightmare from LA

A shadow representing Agahnim also appears in the final boss battle inside the Wind Fish's Egg in LA. This creature's attacks are similar to that of Agahnim only his appearance is different.

Agahnim's Insignia

Just before breaking the energy barrier with the Master Sword in Hyrule Castle you can see the insignia of Agahnim on the floor as visible on the left.

This mark is also used in the final room just before meeting Agahnim in Ganon's Tower. The mark represents an eye which also appears on Agahnim's robe as seen on his official art image. Clearly showing the connection with him.

Relevant Quotes

A Link to the Past

From the manual:

The king of Hyrule, after counsel with his sages, ordered an investigation of the Imprisoned Dark World (as the Golden land had come to be known) but the wise men's seal was apparently intact.He offered rewards for anyone who could find the source of these troubles. In answer to these summons a stranger named Agahnim came and quelled the disasters with a previously unseen form of magic. As a reward, the king gave him a new position as chief advisor and heir to the Seven Wise Men. The masses proclaimed him their hero.

Intro of the game:

A mysterious wizard known as
Agahnim came to Hyrule to
release the seal. He eliminated
the good King of Hyrule...
Through evil magic, he began to make descendants of the seven wise men vanish, one
after another.

Upon freeing Zelda:

Link, listen carefully. The
wizard is magically controlling
all the soldiers in the castle.
I fear the worst for my father... The wizard is an inhuman fiend
with strong magical powers! ... ... ...

Maiden from the Misery Mire:

Link, because of you, I can
escape from the clutches of
the evil monsters. Thank you!
Ganon captured us because he couldn't break the seal of the wise men with his power alone.
And then, using the wizard Agahnim as his pawn, he drew us to the Dark World.
After cracking the seal with our powers, he sealed us inside of these crystals.
He then gave us to his loyal monsters. But Ganon didn't plan on your getting this far.

Ganon when you meet him in the Pyramid of Power:

I never imagined a boy like you
could give me so much trouble.
It's unbelievable that you
defeated my alterego, Agahnim the Dark Wizard, twice!
But I will never give you the Triforce. I will destroy you and make my wish to conquer
both Light and Dark Worlds come true without delay.


Country Name
Japanese 司祭アグニム "shisai AGUNIMU"
English Agahnim the Wizard
French Agahnim
German Agahnim


The original Japanese version calls Agahnim a "shisai" which is equivalent to a priest, rather than the wizard used in the US translation. Also アグニム is closer to Agunim than to Agahnim.

The French and German translations are from ALttP (GBA) manual; they don't mention his title as wizard or priest.


A close up on Agahnim's face
Agahnim's Art in ALttP on the SNES

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