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When Link is returned to the future world of Hyrule in OoT, the first person he meets is a skinny, sun-bitten young man, who introduces himself as Sheik, Survivor of the Sheikahs.

Sheik has red eyes, blond hair, tan skin, and a stringy, muscular body. He wears the same kind of clothes that Impa does -- tight-fitting, flexible armor/clothes, with the Sheikah symbol displayed proudly on his chest. This same symbol is worn by Impa and can be found on the Mask of Truth and Gossip Stones. His head, arms, and fingers are wrapped in gauze, and his vest is threadbare. This get-up gives Sheik the appearance of having traveled all over Hyrule, doing many things.

Sheik acts as a mysterious guide for Link, appearing when least expected, and disappearing just as quickly. Using his harp, he teaches Link songs that allow him to warp to all of the temples in Hyrule. After teaching Link a lesson with his poetry, and teaching him a song, he disappears using Sheikah magic, before Link can learn any more about him. He casts a flash spell, or calls up some kind of distraction, to disorient Link before disappearing. While Link battles in the temples, Sheik goes around Hyrule, doing deeds that oppose Ganondorf's power. For example, he saves Princess Ruto from under the ice, and attempts to keep the shadow spirit from escaping from the Kakariko Village well.

Why does Sheik surround himself with mysteries and unanswered questions? Because he is none other than Zelda, Princess of Hyrule, disguising herself from the Evil King Ganondorf. When Ganondorf betrayed the King and attacked Hyrule Castle, Impa fled the Castle with Zelda. She threw the Ocarina of Time to Link, hoping he would get the Triforce and defeat Ganondorf, but this was not to be. Unexpectedly, the Master Sword sealed Link's spirit away, leaving the Sacred Realm wide open. Ganondorf entered the Sacred Realm and stole the Triforce of Power. From then on, Zelda passed herself off as a Sheikah, hoping that Link would some day return. For seven long years she waited...

When Link is at last old enough to awaken, Zelda, still disguised as Sheik, meets him in the Temple of Time. By this time, the Sheikah are thought to have died out, and Impa is incognito. So, Zelda takes advantage of this situation to claim herself to be the last surviving Sheikah. Whether the Sheikah have really died out, or if they are just in hiding, is not known.

Little is really known about the Sheikah, so it is unknown how accurate Zelda's disguise is. But it seems to fool Ganondorf pretty well for seven years, and the Sheik disguise looks pretty similar to Impa's outfit. Zelda can even perform some Sheikah magic, like the disappearing trick. It is also unknown where Zelda learned to disguise herself as a Sheikah. There are several possibilities:

  1. Sheikah appearance and customs are common knowledge among the Royal Family
  2. She learned it from Impa
  3. She knows about the Sheikah because she has the Triforce of Wisdom
  4. Impa took her to a hidden Sheikah community, where she learned their ways
  5. She copied the appearance from a real Sheikah

The nature of Zelda's disguise is also mysterious. She probably uses the Triforce of Wisdom to produce the disguise. When she takes off the disguise, the Triforce of Wisdom symbol appears and spreads outward, which indicates she was using its power to disguise herself. It is also unclear whether the Sheik disguise changes Zelda's body physically, or whether the disguise is like clothing that just covers the real body.

Sheik in SSBM

Sheik is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, together with her alter ego Zelda, to whom she can transform whenever she wants to. She is one of the fastest characters, but on the other hand she is really easy to control. She can also jump (or fly!) high distances. Her ninja-like-movements are weak, but really fast, so they can be easily chained.

Button Special Attack
Neutral B Needle Storm
Forward B Chain
Up B Vanish
Down B Transform

  • Sheik trophies:
This is Zelda's alter ego.
Using a variation of  
the name of the ancient
Sheikah tribe, she
appears before Link and
teaches him melodies 
instrumental to his
success. It's believed
that she's not just a
quick-change artist, but
rather that she is able
to instantaneously
alter her clothing and her
eye and skin color by 
using her magical skills.
Strategically switching
between Zelda and Sheik
is key. Compared to
her Zelda form, Sheik is
nimble  and has gorgeous
moves, but she lacks a
strong  knockout attack.
The number of needles
thrown in  Needle Storm 
is based on how long
you hold the B Button
before releasing it.
Use the Control
Stick to wave the Chain
after brandishing it.
The best strategy to use
when playing as Sheik
is  to let her flow from
one powerful attack into 
another, like a river of
quicksilver. Zelda has 
some techniques with
more punch, however,
so in one-on-one battles,
use Transform as needed.
Sheik only travels a short
way when using Vanish,
but the move comes with
a small explosion that
damages foes around her.


Shiek SSBM.jpg

(Below) Sheik Trophies.

Trophy sheik 1.jpg
Trophy sheik 2.jpg
Trophy sheik 3.jpg

Relevant Quotes

A young man named Sheik saved 
me from under the ice...
If you see Sheik, please give him my thanks, OK?

  • Zelda after removing the Sheik disguise:
It is I, the Princess of Hyrule,
I apologize for meeting you in disguise, but it was necessary to hide from the King of Evil. Please forgive me...
I passed myself off as a Sheikah
and hoped that you would return.
I waited for seven years...

Here are several quotes by Sheik in various locations. Sheik appears near any of the 6 temples in Hyrule.

I've been waiting for you, Hero of Time...
When evil rules all, an awakening voice from the  
Sacred Realm will call those destined to be Sages, 
who dwell in the five temples.
One in a deep forest...
One on a high mountain...
One under a vast lake...
One within the house of the dead...
One inside a goddess of the sand...
Together with the Hero of Time, the awakened ones  
will bind the evil and return the light of peace  
to the world...
This is the legend of the temples passed down by  
my people, the Sheikah.
I am Sheik.
Survivor of the Sheikahs...
As I see you standing there holding the mythical  
Master Sword, you really do look like the 
legendary Hero of Time...
If you believe the legend, you have no choice. You 
must look for the five temples and awaken the five 
One Sage is waiting for the time of awakening in  
the Forest Temple. The Sage is a girl I am sure  
you know...
Because of the evil power in the temple, she 
cannot hear the awakening call from the Sacred 
Unfortunately, equipped as you currently are, you  
cannot even enter the temple...
But, if you believe what I'm saying, you should  
head to Kakariko Village...
Do you understand, Link?

The flow of time is always cruel...
Its speed seems different for
each person, but no one can 
change it...
A thing that doesn't change with
time is a memory of younger days...
In order to come back here again,
play the Minuet of Forest.
  • Inside the temple of time, after you beat the Forest Temple:
You destroyed the wicked creatures that haunted  
the temple and awakened the Sage...
But there are still other Sages who need your help.
In order to awaken all the other Sages, you must 
become even more powerful.
You must travel over mountains...
under water...
and even through time...
If you want to return to your original time, 
return the Master Sword to the Pedestal of Time.
By doing this, you will travel back in time seven 
The time will come when you will have to return 
here quickly...
I will teach this to you for when that time 
The song to return you to the Temple of Time...
The Prelude of Light...

It is something that grows over
time... a true friendship.
A feeling in the heart that 
becomes even stronger over time...
The passion of friendship will 
soon blossom into a righteous
power and through it, you will
know which way to go...
This song is dedicated to the 
power of the heart...
Listen to the Bolero of Fire...
This ice is created by an evil
curse... The monster in the Water
Temple is the source of the curse.
Unless you shut off the source, 
this ice will never melt....
If you have courage enough to 
confront the danger and save 
the Zoras, I will teach you the 
melody that leads to the temple.
Time passes, people move.... Like a river's flow, it never ends... A childish mind will turn to noble ambition... Young love will become deep affection... The clear water's surface reflects growth... Now listen to the Serenade of Water to reflect upon yourself....
  • In Lake Hylia after you beat Morpha in Water Temple:
As the water rises, the evil is vanishing from the 
Link, you did it!
(Link warps in)
Did Ruto want to thank me?
I see...
We have to return peace to Hyrule for her sake, 
too. Don't we?
Look at that, Link...
Together, you and Princess Ruto destroyed the evil 
monster! Once again, the lake is filled with pure  
water. All is as it was here.

  • In Kakariko after beating Morpha in the Water Temple:
Looks like you're coming around...
A terrible thing has happened! The evil shadow 
spirit has been released!
Impa, the leader of Kakariko Village, had sealed 
the evil shadow spirit in the bottom of the 
But the force of the evil spirit got so strong, 
the seal of the well broke, and it escaped into 
the  world!!
I believe Impa has gone to the 
Shadow Temple to seal it again,
but...she will be in danger without 
any help!
Impa is one of the six Sages.
Destroy the evil shadow spirit and
save Impa!
There is an entrance to the 
Shadow Temple beneath the 
graveyard behind this village.
The only thing I can do for you is
teach you the melody that will
lead you to the Shadow Temple...
This is the melody that will draw
you into the infinite darkness 
that absorbs even time... Listen to 
this, the Nocturne of Shadow!!
Past, present, future...
The Master Sword is a ship with 
which you can sail upstream and
downstream through time's river...
The port for that ship is in the
Temple of Time...
To restore the Desert Colossus
and enter the Spirit Temple, you
must travel back through time's
Listen to this Requiem of Spirit...
This melody will lead a child back 
to the desert.

Translation Notes

Country Name
Japanese シーク ('SHĪKU')
English Sheik
French Sheik
German Shiek

Sheik's name is written in katakana as SHĪKU in Toki no Ocarina. Compare this to Sheikah, which is written in Katakana as SHĪKĀ. This indicates that the name is pronounced the same way as the English word "she."

"Sheik" is the standard spelling in the American and French versions. In the German version, however, Sheik's name is spelled "Shiek." This is because, in German, "ei" is pronounced as in "reign," while "ie" is pronounced as in "belief." To preserve the original pronunciation, the name had to be changed to "Shiek."

Note that Sheik is referred to as "he" and a "young man" in OoT, so the proper pronoun to refer to Sheik is the masculine one.

Miscellaneous Notes

There are subtle differences between the official art and the in-game model of Sheik. Very small things, such as his fingers being wrapped a little bit differently, and the light/dark blue pattern of his clothes being a little different.

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