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Tingle is a very strange, 35 year old man. He wears a green outfit similar to what the Kokiri wear, and he desperately wants to become a fairy of the forest himself. (Though of course this never happens.) He has a pointed hat as a part of his green tights, wears red shorts, and has a clock around his neck. He has his own magic words: "Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!" which he warns you not to steal. He is very accentric and demanding, and sometimes can seem a little bit paranoid and delusional. But his map making and deciphering skills are next to none, so he's not all bad.

Majora's Mask

Tingle's first appearance in a Zelda game was in the alternate reality of Termina. He floated around the skies of Termina with a big red balloon strapped to his back. While he floated around in the air he made maps of all he surveyed. He wrote maps for almost every area of Termina, and he always seemed to be wherever Link was. If Link popped the balloon, Tingle would tumble to the ground, and sell maps to whoever wanted one. He was writing and selling maps to make money for his father, since becoming a fairy didn't seem to be working out. Tingle's father is the man who runs the pictograph contest in the Swamp tourist center. He laments the fact that his spoiled son is still looking for fairies at his age.

Oracle of Ages

Another thirty-five year old fairy wannabe named Tingle lives in Labrynna. Floating in the air with a red balloon near Lynna City, he is constantly making maps, only stopping if someone comes by and pops his balloon. This Tingle gives Link an Island Chart. With this chart Link is able to get a raft from Rafton. One special ability that the Tingle of Labrynna has is the ability to upgrade Link's Seed Satchel.

The Wind Waker

Another thirty-five year old man wearing a Tingle outfit lives on the Great Sea. Here we see Tingle at his butt-wiggling, backflipping scariest. On the back of his uniform he has a picture of a yellow scorpion ready to strike. Shortly before Link started his quest, Tingle somehow got himself thrown into prison on Windfall Island. Link got him out however, and was rewarded with the Tingle Tuner and Tingle's Chart, a sea chart showing where the fairies of fortune and Tingle Island were.Tingle then moved back to his home on Tingle Island (or as he calls it, GREAT TINGLE ISLAND!!) where his brothers Ankle and Knuckle live, as does David Jr.. Tingle lives near the top of Tingle Tower, making David Jr. and Ankle wear fairy suits like his and spin the top of the tower. They don't like it, but Tingle doesn't let up. On days that Link calls Tingle on the Tingle Tuner, he is apparently nicer to David Jr. and Ankle. He is a brilliant map decipherer. He began learning to translate maps several years before TWW, hoping it would help him to find fairies. Although he charges an arm and a leg to decipher a chart, it is actually because he is raising funds to search for fairies, hoping to start in his thirties. He's already thirty-five!

Four Swords Adventures

Tingle appears in this game, to steal away Force Gems from you using his balloon. If you play a multiplayer game of Hyrulean Adventure he also appears in Tingle Tower, where you can play various mini-games against your friends.

The Minish Cap

Again, Tingle makes an appearance in almost every Zelda game, he seems to have become an more important character over time. A development some people do not really encourage, because Tingle tends to be somewhat very odd. Just like the other Tingle brothers, Tingle can do 2 Kinstone Fusions with you. Also he keeps track of how many Kinstone Fusions you need to perform to complete all of them (How can he do that?). Finally if you manage to complete all the fusions you can get the Tingle Trophy for your efforts.

Relevant Quotes

Majora's Mask

When you first meet him:

What's this?
Green clothes...White fairy...
Sir, could you, by chance, be a
forest fairy?
Oh my!
My name is Tingle! I think I am the same as you, sir. A forest fairy!
Alas, though I am already age 35, no fairy has come to me yet...
My father tells me to grow up and act my age, but why?
I tell you...Tingle is the very reincarnation of a fairy!
Now while I stand here waiting for a fairy of my own, I sell maps to help out my father.
Lucky! Lucky! You're so lucky to have a fairy! I know! I know! We should be friends! Yes! Yes! In exchange, I will sell you a map for cheap as a sign of my friendship.
Will you buy one of Tingle's maps?
Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!
...These are the magic words that Tingle created himself.
Don't steal them!

Tingle's father:

Where is he? That spoiled child is
off playin' hooky again!
A child his age has no business searching for fairies...!

Tingle's Father after showing a picture of his son:

Wha!!! That's my son!
Eesh...Is he still doing that sort of
Urgh...How humiliating! This guy... He's my son...
As old as he is, he's still doing some pretty silly stuff.
I guess I spoiled him too much when I was raising him...But he really is a kindhearted boy.
Well, thank you for going to all that trouble. This is just a small token of my gratitude!
But could you tell my son something for me?
...Could you, uh, please ask him not to go outside in that outfit anymore?

Oracle of Ages

When you first meet him:

What's this? Green clothes...
Sir, are you smitten with
forest fairies? My name is
Tingle, the one and only! I am
a true fairy! The villagers
say that at 35, I should open my
eyes... But I say Tingle
is the very reincarnation
of a fairy! How'd you like
Tingle the fairy for a friend? 
Then from today, you and Tingle are friends! Yes! Yes! As a sign of our friendship, Tingle will give you his chart that shows the way to the secret island!
Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah! ...These are the magic words that Tingle created myself. Don't steal them!

The Wind Waker

When you first meet him:

Hoo hoo hoooooooooo! If my appearance
does not surprise you...
then you, sir, must be a fairy, just
like Tingle!
Goodness! Did you feel my telepathy?! That's why you saved me, isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it?
Do not worry! Tingle knows without you telling him, sir! Yes, sir!
Tingle is my name! I have been looking for you and your kind, for I, too, long to be one of the fairy folk!
And yet, I was mistaken for some kind of troublemaker and put into this dreadful sort of place!
How disrespectful!
Please, Mr. Fairy... Rescue poor Tingle from this place and take him to where you and your kind live in splendor!
(free him)
Hoorayyyy! Thank you oh so VERRRY much! Here is Tingle's heartfelt gift of thanks!
Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah! Become an item!
(get Tingle Tuner)
Now, no matter how far we travel from this dingy cell, our souls will be as one!
Splendid! Tingle is going to get ready to go to the realm of the fairies, so you just wait here, OK, sir?
Ahhh! I was forgetting something important!
Oh, Mr. Fairy! You want to come to my island, don't you? Don't you? Don't you?
(get Tingle's Chart)
When you go out to sea, open it!
If you ever need any help with your charts, just leave it to Tingle! Don't ever forget it!
If you ever need help with charts...

Don't forget it!

Nintendo Gallery description:

Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Things: Fairies, deciphering maps
It's been several years since Tingle first became enchanted with deciphering maps in the hopes it would help him find fairies, and he's lost many things during that time.
He's raising funds to begin his search for fairies, hoping to embark sometime in his thirties, while the lust of life is still upon him. At the age of 35, the pressure's on!

Tingle on the Tingle Tuner after using Tingle Shield:

Tingle was a good bodyguard! I am not to be
messed with! Use that anytime!

Tingle on the Tingle Tuner after using Tingle Balloon:

Was your in-flight service satisfactory?
Tingle Air can't wait to serve again!

Tingle on the Tingle Tuner giving a description of the Seagull Pen:

Use this to mark your sea charts.
It also points you to your
destination. Tingle drew his
first map with it at the age
of three!


Country Name
Japanese チンクル "CHINKURU"
All Other Languages Tingle


Tingle's original Japanese name (from MM) is "CHINKURU." This could be transliterated into English as either "Tinkle" or "Chinkle." I don't know why the English translators decided to go with "Tingle." The original name makes more sense when put next to his brothers' names: Ankle and Knuckle rather than Angle and Nuggle. As funny as may be the Spanish version has Angle and Nangle as Tingle's brother; which complies to the "K/G" issue.

Miscellaneous Notes

We have several interview quotes which give more insight into the Tingle character.

N.O.M. interview with the Director of Majora's Mask, Eiji Aonuma (2000)

In this game a lot of the characters have a a great deal of personality, such as Tingle....

When I asked the Art Director "I want you to make me a strange character that has a balloon on his back," he drew me Tingle. Of course, depending on what he does or what he says, a character can change a bit. At least for a game in a 3D world. That actually didn't happen much when making a 2D game.

Why is that?

Well, in the case of 3D there are life-size characters. Talking to them is one thing, but a single gesture they make can change your whole image of a character. In a 2D world the amount of graphics we can put in is small, and images will appear only as we exactly have programed them to. In a 3D game the feature is expanding the image. Of course, this means it will take up more time to make.

So is it your goal to balloon out the image of the game?

Yes. Though it would be an exaggeration to say that "Majora" came out as all of us staff members had planned. Some characters seemed to evolve without me even realizing it.

EGM issue 167, The Wind Waker Afterthoughts (2003)


Speaking of the GBA link-up, what's the deal
with that guy Tingle? Is he gay?

Eiji Aonuma:

[Laughs] He's not really gay. He's just a
35-year-old man who, for whatever reason,
seems to think he's a fairy. On our team,
we have a lot of guys over 30 who still
seem to think that they're children [laughs].

Tingle RPG

The people at Nintendo have decided to create an RPG about Tingle. Indeed this will make him the star of his own game. Other than this there is not much known about it.

Outside References

On the popular web cartoon Homestar Runner[1] the character Homsar dresses up as Tingle in the "Halloween Potion-ma-Jig" episode. He can be accessed through an easter egg.


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