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Ankle is the younger brother of Tingle, and Knuckle's twin. He wears a strange Kokiri-like outfit, same as Tingle's, except it is a light pink instead of green. He was taught to decipher maps by Tingle, but he really supports his twin Knuckle.

The Wind Waker

His favorite proverb, according to the Nintendo Gallery, is: "One may as well hang for a stolen sheep as for a stolen lamb." He was the one who found David Jr. and got him to come spin the top of Tingle Tower with him. The only time he is really at peace and acting himself is when he is tending the Tingle Island flower garden. However, since Tingle keeps Ankle working constantly spinning the head of Tingle Tower, it doesn't seem like Ankle ever gets a chance to be himself, since he never even sees the tiny garden. Knuckle is in it most of the time anyway.


Ankle has learned how to decipher maps from Tingle, although he doesn't seem to make any use of it right now. This guy loves the diamond shaped flower garden near the tower, since he feels at his best while take care of it. Being Tingle's younger brother this guy cannot be older than 35, also his birthplace as well as his parents are unknown.

The Minish Cap

Ankle TMC.gifIn this game Ankle's only purpose is exchanging some Kinstones with you, just like Tingle he does this in order to meet fairies or so he says.

Relevant Quotes

The Wind Waker

Ankle while working in Tingle's Tower:

Um... You have a Tingle-Tuner, do you not?
My brother is so happy on days when you call him, Mr. Fairy. So very happy!
And then he is nice to us! So nice!
I suppose I can pass this on...
Heave ho...

Nintendo Gallery description:

 Birthplace: Unknown
 Favorite Proverb: "One may as well hang for
 a stolen sheep as for a stolen lamb."
Since being taught how to decipher maps by his older brother Tingle, Ankle has been supporting his good-for-nothing twin brother Knuckle.
The only time he feels he can truly be himself is when he's tending to the Tingle Island flower garden.

The Minish Cap

Ankle asking about his twin brother:

 Have you seen Knuckle?
He's my twin brother, and he's dressed all in blue. I don't know where he is!


Country Name (TWW) Name (TMC)
Japanese アンクル "ANKURU" アンクル "ANKURU"
English Ankle Ankle
French Dingle Dingle
German Jingle Jingle
Spanish Zingle Angle
Italian Dingle Dingle/Mingle


General notes

On the contrary to the English translation the others are all variations on the name Tingle. Secondly the Spanish name was changed for the Minish Cap into Angle!

Mingle/Dingle Mix up

In the Italian version of the Minish Cap it turns out to be that there is a rather confusing mix up between Ankle and Knuckle. If we read the description of the Figurine it reads:

 Tingle (in verde) e i suoi fratelli,
 i gemelli Mingle (viola) e Dingle (blu).[...]

So this makes Knuckle (the blue guy) Dingle. If we now compare this to Ankle's Italian Quote:

 Hai visto Mingle?
 È mio fratello gemello!
 Indossa una tunica blu.
 Dove si sarà cacciato?

Here Mingle is the blue guy! Which means that the Italian translator is not even capable of keeping Ankle & Knuckle apart.

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