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Knuckle is Tingle's good-for-nothing younger brother, and he is Ankle's twin. He wears a strange Kokiri-like outfit, same as Tingle's, except it is a blue instead of green.

The Wind Waker

Knuckle Art.jpg
Knuckle is a master carver, and he finished carving out Tingle Tower when he was only ten. The head of the tower is actually his studio. He left Tingle Island when Tingle wrote "For Tingle only" on the tower. Tingle wanted his brother back but nobody knew where he was. David Jr. especially wanted him back, since there was no good reason that he should have to spin Tingle's tower. Link was visiting Outset Island one day with Tingle, through the incredible Tingle Tuner. Suddenly, near the boat dock, Tingle was spotted by his estranged brother. Link didn't see anything, but whatever. It was a strange telepathic device. He didn't question it! Tingle begged his brother to return, and Knuckle said he would if Link could do everything that he wanted. Link had to go to four different spots, and when he did, Knuckle admitted defeat and moved back to Tingle Island, realizing that of all the islands he had been to, his home was truly the most beautiful.

He has a special type of Tingle Tuner, called the Hand-Me-Down Tuner. It is vertically aligned and resembles a walkie-talkie or a hand radio. Through this Link can buy things straight from Knuckle.

Much to David Jr.'s dismay, when Knuckle moved back he did not take up his spot spinning the tower with his twin. Instead he just stands on the ground, in the center of the flower garden, gazing at the sea.

The Minish Cap

Knuckle TMC.gif
Very similar to Ankle and David Jr. in this game, he can only perform two Kinstone fusions with you and that's all.

Relevant Quotes

The Wind Waker

Nintendo Gallery description

 Birthplace: Unknown
 Occupation: Carver
Knuckle is another of Tingle's younger brothers-he happens to be Ankle's twin. He finished carving Tingle Tower when he was ten years old. The head is his studio.
Supposedly, he felt unsatisfied completing his collection without this figure. He loves his special vertically aligned Tingle Tuner.

Knuckle after collecting some Tingle Statues on Tingle Island:

Hey! Mr. Fairy!
Some outragous fellow threw this fantabulous Tingle Statue into the sea!
It is sad to know there is one on this sea who does not even know the meaning of beauty!
But not you. Mr. Fairy! You are different!

The Minish Cap

Ankle about Knuckle:

 Have you seen Knuckle?
He's my twin brother, and he's dressed all in blue. I don't know where he is!


Country Name (TWW) Name (TMC)
Japanese ナックル "NAKKURU" ナックル "NAKKURU"
English Knuckle Knuckle
French Klingle Klingle
German Swingle Swingle
Spanish Mingle Nangle
Italian Mingle Mingle/Dingle

General Notes

On the contrary to the English translation the others are all variations on the name Tingle. For some reason the Spanish Knuckle has a different name in TWW and TMC! A possible reason for this is that there was a different translator at work, who doesn't pay any attention to details like this.

Mingle/Dingle Mix up

In the Italian version of the Minish Cap it turns out to be that there is a rather confusing mix up between Ankle and Knuckle. If we read the description of the Figurine it reads:

 Tingle (in verde) e i suoi fratelli,
 i gemelli Mingle (viola) e Dingle (blu).[...]

So this makes Knuckle (the blue guy) Dingle. If we now compare this to Ankle's Italian Quote:

 Hai visto Mingle?
 È mio fratello gemello!
 Indossa una tunica blu.
 Dove si sarà cacciato?

Here Mingle is the blue guy! Which means that the Italian translator is not even capable of keeping Ankle & Knuckle apart.

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