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Angler Fry

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Quick Information

Appearance: LA (DX)
Order: Anlger Fish
Habitat: Level 4: Angler's Tunnel
Quick Facts: An Angler Fry is just a infant version of the Angler Fish.
Attack Pattern: Nothing special, it just aiminglessly moves around in the water.



These little fish are the friends of the Boss of the Level 4-- Angler’s Tunnel: Angler Fish, and they will appear as soon as your battle with him starts.

The only thing these guys do is swimming around trying to bother you; nothing more. They can be taken out in one single hit with almost every weapon you have. Don’t mind these guys too much, while fighting their bigger brother.

Miscellaneous Notes

The only thing different from the Angler fish (apart from being smaller) is that these guys are blue instead of purple, at least in the DX version of this game.


Country Name
Japanese ミニゲラ (MINIGERÂ)
English Angler Fry


I am not sure what the Japanese translation means, it could be anything starting with "mini".

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