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Quick Information
Appearances: LA (DX), OoA
Order: Angler Fish, Puffer Fish
Habitat: Angler's Tunnel, Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Attack Pattern: Angler fish appears in two different forms, the first one is a huge fish who is the boss of the fourth dungeon. The other is a smaller version that can be found in the seventh dungeon of OoA: "Jabu-Jabu's Belly". The strange thing about the latter one is that it can jump around in the room and there is no water around the area either. Both Anglers have a weak spot at the tip of their angle. Most commonly these fishes will use quick attacks to get a hit at you, the one in OoA can also shoot bubbles at Link.

AnglerFish LA.gifAnglerFish LADX.gif
Appearance: Link's Awakening (DX)
Quick Facts: Boss of the fourth dungeon in this game. This fish appears along some Angler Fry that try to protect him.

AnglerFish OoA.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Ages
Quick Facts: In the 7th dungeon of this game you come across a Miniboss, which is smaller Angler Fish that shares some similarities with the one from LA.



Link's Awakening (DX)

Being the boss enemy of the Level 4 Dungeon: Angler Tunnel, you will have to fight this gigantic fish underwater. This creature doesn’t have many attacks, he move a bit and after some time he does a dash towards you. If he does so some bricks from the ceiling will start to fall down. Little Angler Fries show up here too and swim through the area from both ways, with one hit of your sword these little fish are easily defeated. The weak spot of the Angler Fish is the little light bulb at the tip of its tentacle. Hit it about 8 times with your L-1 sword or you can try some arrows for a change and the fish is down for the count. Upon defeating him you will receive a Heart Container and one of the Instruments of Sirens: The Surf Harp. He’s not that hard compared to the dungeon itself.

Oracle of Ages

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly you will encounter an Angler fish once again. This one looks a lot different from the incarnation in LA though. This time the Angler fish is blue and much smaller, it jumps around in the room and shoots bubbles trying to damage anyone who comes near. Oddly enough the Angler fish doesn't need any water, and just like I mentioned before in the Quick Information Tab it can jump around. Since when did fish started doing that?

In order to defeat it you could just start slashing into the Angler fish with your sword. A different and perhaps easier approach is the use of your Seed Shooter, try to hit the tip of his angle with any kind of seed and it will decrease it size. Once it is all shrunken you can hit it very easily with your sword since this also stuns him for a few moments. It can take about 10 hits with your regular sword, which isn't much at all. Your reward for defeating him is a free exit which leads to the big treasure of this dungeon: the Long Switch.

Miscellaneous Notes

In the re-release of the game for Gameboy Color the programmers gave him a purple color. The yellow comes from the light from his tentacle on his forehead.

Also his look and in the deflating / inflating capabilities in OoA remind a lot to the behavior of a Puffer fish.


Link's Awakening (DX)

Judging by his only quote his IQ must be < 10:



Country Name
Japanese アンゲラ (ANGERÂ)
English Angler Fish


In Japanese his name is just "Angler".

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