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Angler's Tunnel

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Quick Information
Required Item(s):
Treasures: Flippers, Surf Harp
Mini-boss(es): Cue Ball
Boss: Angler Fish
Enemies: Anti-Fairy, Cheep-Sheep, Gel, Iron Mask, Peahat, Shrouded Stalfos, Star, Tektite, Thwomp, Zol


The Angler’s Tunnel is the fourth dungeon you will come across in Link’s Awakening. It mainly consists of parts with shallow water and some tiles made of slippery ice which you can cross on foot, but to get to the boss you will need to get the Flippers. You will get to these just after you beat this dungeon’s miniboss: Cue Ball.

This dungeon has rooms with quite a lot of enemies who can deplete your energy very quickly, so take caution where you are going. Also it can be quite annoying when get pushed into to water before you have the flippers many times.

A memory puzzle is the only actual puzzle you will have to solve in this dungeon, but it is not a very complex one. So in overall this Tunnel is a relatively average dungeon.


Country Name
Japanese レベル4 アングラーのたきつぼ (REBERU 4 ANGERAA no takitsubo)
English Level 4-- Angler’s Tunnel
French Niveau 4 Ambime du Poisson
German *Level 4* Wundertunnel

The Japanse version states this dungeon to be: "Level 4 Angler’s Tunnel". As with the Key and Keyhole the German and French have different interpretations about this name.

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