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Ancient Castle of Ikana

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Quick Information
Location: Ikana Canyon
Required Item(s): Fire Arrow, Powder Keg, Mirror Shield
Treasures: Elegy of Emptiness
Mini-boss(es): Wizrobe
Boss: Igos du Ikana and Servants
Enemies: Floor Master, Garo, Guay, ReDead, Skulltula



The Ancient Castle of Ikana is a mini-dungeon which needs to be completed before you can attempt to clear the Stone Tower Temple. The Castle itself is located on the upper ledge of Ikana Canyon.


The main entrance of this castle was sealed for a long time and will never open up again. Therefore you need to find an entrance somewhere else, two entries you can get to are:

  1. Use the well to get a Mirror Shield and you can enter the castle via a small well that is connected to backyard of the castle.
  2. The other entrance can only be used if you have a Mirror Shield or Light Arrows. It is next to the main gate and can be opened by removing the Sun block, by either reflecting a sun’s ray on it or shooting it with a Light Arrow.

Once inside you will have to get to the balcony outside and place a Powder Keg on the crumbled section to shine light into the castle. (During daytime of course) Use this ray of light you can remove the last Sun Block in order to get to Throne Room where the king and his nameless servants are waiting for you. After defeating them you will learn the Elegy of Emptiness.


The castle served once as the seat for the government of Ikana. Back in those days the castle had many soldiers that formed Ikana Army all under the command of Captain Keeta. This was mainly from a group of spies from an enemy nation who were send out to spy on Ikana. These spies are also known as the Garo, with the Garo Master as their leader.

The two composer brothers Flat and Sharp also served the royal family of Ikana, but after the kingdom fell Sharp got cursed. In that state he locked his brother Flat in one graves of Ikana Graveyard. Sharp went to cavern at the beginning of the riverbank, that mysteriously dried up shortly after.

The destruction of Ikana was partly due to their own doing. Igos du Ikana tells you that the quarreling of soldiers within the castle started this. Not being able to forgiving each others failings and the lack thrust in each other. This created a bad climate, which meant the end of Ikana. The composer brother tells you about the trick of the “masked one” to set them up, which started the downfall of the kingdom. This masked one he speaks about could very well be the Skull Kid.

After Ikana Castle was destroyed it was rumored that the king is still haunting the throne room. Nowadays the castle still stands tall in the landscape even though the wear and tear of time itself damaged the castle severely. It is now filled with spirits in the form of Garos, Gibdos and Redeads which are unable to forget their living days and still haunt Ikana. Also the soldiers of the castle turned into Stall Children, but even after all this time they still obey to the command of their captain: Skull Keeta or someone who resembles him using the Captain's Hat for example.

Miscellaneous Notes

The Redeads inside the ruins react on the Gibdo mask, Garo’s Mask or the Captain’s Hat. They start dancing as soon as Link dons one of these masks. This is so because they appear to be members of the Castle’s dancing troupe before they died.

The Lackeys of the king turn out to be young men actually, which means that they start dancing when you start marching using the Bremen Mask. It is quite funny seeing them jump around. They might actually accidentally step into the sun’s rays, which makes it easier to take them out.

Relevant Quotes

Sign outside the main gate:

Ikana Castle Front Gate
Use what you will, this sealed
gate shall never open.

Gossip stone:

The ReDeads in Ikana were once
members of the castle's dancing

A part of Igos du Ikana’s qoute:

The kingdom being ruined and us
left in this state...
Isn't it petty, little battles like this that have caused it?
Believing in your friends and embracing that belief by forgiving failure...
These feelings have vanished from our hearts.
It all happened after somebody thrust open the doors of that Stone Tower.


Flat, my dear brother.
Forgive your foolish brother who dreamt of the revival of the Royal Family...
...Ye who do not fear the dead...
With my brother's song, you have broken the curse that was placed upon me. It is all thanks to you.
We dead should not be lingering here in this land.
It was all a trick of the masked one who had upset things.
If you truly do not fear the dead...
I wish for you to go to the temple in this land and sever the root of the evil curse that torments us.
To do that...
I, the only one who knows the way into the temple, shall direct you to the King.
The King is in the ruins of Ikana Castle, awaiting the coming of the one who will break the curse.
...I have made my final request.


Country Name
Japanese 海のクモ館 (?)
English Ancient Castle of Ikana
French Vestiges du Château d'Ikana
German Ruinen von Ikana
Spanish Antiguo Castillo de Ikana


The French and German translations here is a little different, it’s more like: “Ruins of the Castle of Ikana” and “Ruins of Ikana” respectively.

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