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Quick Information
Appearances: OoT, MM, TWW
Order: Undead
Habitat: Dungeons
Attack Pattern: ReDeads are undead zombies that use their gaze and a scream to immobilize Link. They move very slowly, but if one grabs Link the ReDead climbs on his back and drains some hearts before letting go.
ReDeadArt OoT.jpg
ReDead OoTMM.png
Appearance: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask
Quick Facts: The ReDeads in this game appear in many of the later dungeons. Their distinct murmering sounds make it easy to locate them, and they can also be stunned with the Sun's Song.
ReDeadArt TWW.jpg
Appearance: The Wind Waker
Quick Facts: Found in the Earth Temple, Ganon's Castle and the Savage Labyrinth. These ReDeads look very different from the ones in the N64 Games, but they attack in a similar manner.



ReDeads are a type of zombie-like creature living in crypts or dark and haunted places.

The ReDeads feed by sucking life energy from their poor victims. To do that, they freeze their targets with horror by a direct look in the eyes. Then they approach slowly, and if the ReDead comes close enough it jumps on the back of its prey and bites the victim, draining their energy. You can throw off the ReDead if you struggle enough.

The ReDeads are created by evil magic, so, Light arrows or other weapons similar are effective against the ghoul. Summoning light in the area (like the reflect of a Mirror Shield or playing the Sun's Song) can freeze them temporily.

In Majora's Mask, wearing a certain type of mask makes ReDeads dance and makes them completely unable to attack.

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

Navi's Advice:

Its gaze will paralyze you. If it
bites you, tap any button to 

Majora's Mask

Tatl's Description:

If it catches you in its paralyzing
glare, you won't be able to move.
Shake it off if you get caught!

Gossip Stone:

The ReDeads in Ikana were once
members of the castle's dancing

Gossip Stone:

It seems the ReDeads that appear
in Ikana Castle start dancing when
the Captain's Hat, Gibdo Mask or
Garo's Mask are worn.
But that does not change things

The Wind Waker

Nintendo Power Gallery Description:

Habitat: Earth Temple
Least Favorite Thing: Mirror Shield
These undead creatures live only in the darkest depths of the earth. Their icy cold gazes paralyze their victims with fear. Try to attack them from behind.


Country Name(OoT&MM) Name(TWW)
Japanese リーデッド "RIIDEDDO" リーデッド "RIIDEDDO"
English ReDead ReDead
French Effroi ReMort
German Zombie Remort
Spanish ReDead Redead
Italian  ? Zombie


Some French and German use different names for ReDead in TWW than in the other two games. The Spanish changed the second 'D' into a lower case letter for TWW.

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