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Zora's Domain is a large underground cave located right next to Zora's Fountain. Zora's Fountain is located in the eastern part of Death Mountain, which is sometimes called the Lost Hills. Zora's Fountain flows in a waterfall out into Zora's River, but part of it is also diverted into a cave, which is the back entrance to King Zora's Throne Room in Zora's Domain. This water flows into the Throne Room, down through a hallway, and out into a tall waterfall, which feeds the main waters of Zora's Domain.


Zora's Domain is the home and realm of the Zora race. In OoT, the Zora people in the kingdom of Hyrule consisted of ocean Zoras, the tall, smooth, fair-skinned type of Zora. Their presence in the fresh waters of Zora's Fountain and Lake Hylia indicates that they are not confined soley to the ocean. These proud Zoras were longtime allies of the King of Hyrule, and protect the source of all of Hyrule's water. One purpose of Zora's Domain is to restrict access to Zora's Fountain, which is the source of water for all of Hyrule.

The main entrance to Zora's Domain is hidden behind the Sleepless Waterfall, which flows from Zora's Fountain into Zora's River. It opens only to those on business for the Royal Family. Playing Zelda's Lullaby, for example, opens an invisible barrier and slows the waterfall, allowing the messenger to jump through the waterfall into the cave entrance.

Zora's Domain has a Zora Shop and a diving game. The diving game is located at the top of the waterfall that flows from the Throne Room. Zoras can practice their diving there for prizes. Located at the bottom of the water is a portal to Lake Hylia, clear on the other side of Hyrule. This portal is clearly there to allow easy access to the Water Temple, located at the bottom of Lake Hylia. According to the owl, the Zoras are the guardian of this temple, and worship the water spirits there.


It is not known how long Zora's Domain had been around by the time of OoT. But according to the owl, the Zoras "come from" Zora's Domain, and they have been longtime allies of the Royal Family. Furthermore, King Zora, as the sign next to the Jabu-Jabu indicates, is the 16th in the line of kings. Since Zora kings live several hundred years at least (as OoA shows), this implies that Zora's Domain has been around for a very long time, several millenia at least.

In the time of Ganondorf's rule in OoT, Zora's Domain was frozen over by a curse. This curse came from the aquatic amoeba Morpha, which had taken over the Water Temple. All the Zora people were trapped under the ice. Sheik was able to save the Princess Ruto from under the ice, but King Zora was trapped in magical red hot ice. Lord Jabu-Jabu, guardian of the Zoras, could no longer protect Zora's Domain, and Zora's Fountain began to freeze over as well. This decreased the flow of water from Zora's Domain, and Lake Hylia, fed by the waters from Zora's River, began to run dry. Link broke this curse by defeating Morpha, but Zora's Domain was not restored to its original state until Ganondorf was imprisoned. The last reference to Zora's Domain comes from TWW, from one of the Nintendo Gallery Figurines, where it is affirmed that Laruto was born there.

It is unclear whether Zora's Domain still exists in games other than OoT. Certainly, Zora's Fountain still feeds Zora's River in LoZ and ALttP. But there is no way to access the cave through the waterfall, if the cave still exists. In LoZ, the entrance, if it exists, is too high off the ground. In ALttP, river Zoras patrol the waters of Zora's River near the waterfall. A large river Zora, called simply "Zora," guards the waterfall, selling his Zora's Flippers. What lies beyond this point, and whether the ocean Zoras still live in Hyrule, is unknown.

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

  • Gaebora, Lake Hylia:
The Zoras come from Zora's Domain in northeast 
Hyrule. An aquatic race, they are longtime allies 
of Hyrule's Royal Family. I heard that only the 
Royal Family of Hyrule can enter Zora's Domain...
  • Gaebora, Zora's River:
Just ahead lies Zora's Domain. The Zoras serve 
Hyrule's Royal Family by protecting this water 
source. Their door will not open for anyone except 
those who have some connection with the Royal 
Family. Let them hear the melody of the Royal 
  • Saria:
You mean the Spiritual Stone of Water, don't you? 
The Great Deku Tree once told me that King Zora, 
ruler of Zora's Domain, has it...
  • Sheik, in Ice Cavern:
This ice is created by an evil curse... The 
monster in the Water Temple is the source of the 
curse. Unless you shut off the source, this ice 
will never melt....
  • Ruto:
Zora's Domain and its people will eventually  
return to their original state.

The Wind Waker

  • Laruto's figure:
Birthplace: Zora's Domain
Long, long ago the Zora sage, Laruto, 
offered up her prayers in the Earth Temple 
so that the Master Sword would continue to 
house the power to repel evil.

Translation Notes

Country Name (OoT) Name (TWW)
Japanese ゾーラの里 (ZŌRA no Sato) ゾーラの里 (ZŌRA no Sato)
English Zora's Domain Zora's Domain
French Domaine Zora Village des Zora
German Zoras Reich Dorf der Zora
Spanish - Región de los Zora
Italian - Villaggio di Zora


In Toki no Ocarina, there are three names which are all translated to "Zora's Domain" in the American version:

  • The most common name is ゾーラの里: "ZŌRA no Sato." The kanji 里 "Sato" means home or village, so the name translates to "Zora's Home/Village." This seems to be the "official" name of Zora's Domain, since this name is shown on-screen when you enter the place.

The following names are used only a few times, as descriptions of Zora's Domain:

  • ゾーラ族の国 ("ZŌRA Zoku no Kuni"). The kanji 族 "Zoku" means tribe, race, or group. 国 "Kuni" means country. Translation: "Country of the Zora People."
  • ゾーラ族のすみか ("ZŌRA Zoku no sumika"). "Sumika" means dwelling, house, or residence. Translation: "Dwelling of the Zora People."

In German, Zora's Domain is rendered as "Zoras Reich." "Reich" means empire, realm, or kingdom. The French is "Domaine Zora," which seems to follow the English translation. It is interesting how, in the original Japanese, Zora's Domain is emphasized equally as the Zora's home, and as their kingdom. All other translations abandon this home/dwelling aspect, emphasizing only that this is the Zora's kingdom. A domain is "a territory over which rule or control is exercised," and the German and French translations follow in the vein. Only in the Japanese is the original sense - that this place is a home for the Zoras - preserved.

Since the king of Zora's Domain is always named "King Zora," one may suspect that the "Zora" in "Zora's Domain" is referring to King Zora, not to the Zora people. But I think that the original Japanese makes it clear that "Zora's Domain" refers to the Zora people. And besides, it wouldn't make sense for Saria to call King Zora the "ruler of Zora's Domain" if this interpretation were true. This would be like saying, "George Bush is the president of George Bush's country."

In TWW all translations (except English) change. The German, Italian and French mean "Zora's village" while the Spanish translation is "Region of the Zoras"

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