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Quick Information
Appearances: LoZ, AoL, ALttP (SNES/GBA), LA/DX, OoT, MM, OoS, OoA, TWW, TSA
Order: Fish
Habitat: Oceans, lakes, rivers
Attack Pattern: Zoras live mainly in water, and pop their heads out to spit fireballs at enemies. Sometimes they will crawl or walk out of the water.
Appearance: LoZ
Quick Facts: Stays in water. Its fire can be blocked with the magic shield.
Zora2-crawling.gif Zora2-standing.gif
Appearance: AoL
Quick Facts: Found in caves. Crawls or stands upright, and spits fire. Vulnerable only to fire.

Zora3 head.gif Zora3 full.gif
Appearance: ALttP
Quick Facts: Found in all of Hyrule's waters. Large population near the source of the river, where they are bold enough to walk out of the water.

Appearance: LA
Quick Facts: Stays in water and spits fireballs.
Appearance: OoT/MM
Quick Facts: Friend rather than foe. Lives in cities in freshwater or the ocean. Can attack by throwing fins or casting electricity.
ZoraArt Or.png
Or river zora.gif Or ocean zora.gif
Appearance: Oracle
Quick Facts: Ocean Zoras are friends, and hate river Zoras. River Zoras are foes.
Appearance: TWW
Quick Facts: Laruto's ghost is the only Zora to appear in TWW.

Zora FSA.png
Appearance: FSA
Quick Facts: Similar to the Zoras in ALttP.



In the early games, the Zoras were enemies shaped like a some kind of a fish. They shot red "bullets" or nuts from their mouths (remind us of Octoroks). The King Zora might be the only a little friendly character in the first games.

Famous Zora

Miscellaneous Notes

Zoras are occasionally refered to as "zolas" in games prior to Ocarina of Time.

Relevant Quotes

 Who are you?
 We are the Zoras, the proud
 aquatic people!
 So...you say you have some 
 connection with Hyrule's Royal
 Well, what do you want from us?

~ Zora inside Zora's Domain


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