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A Windfall Island native, she moved in with her grandfather Sturgeon out of concern for his health. She enjoys carrying jars of water on her head and gets upset if they break.

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Nintendo Gallery Entry

Place of birth: Windfall Island
Personality: Serious
Sue-Belle was born and raised on Windfall, but she became concerned for the health of her grandfather, Sturgeon, so she decided to move to live with him on Outset Island.
Morning, noon and night, she fills vases with water and carries them on her head from the well to their house. Strangely enough, she actually enjoys the task.


After Link recieves the Hero's Clothes:

Oh, my! Link! Congratulations!
That outfit looks really cute on you!
Hey, your little sister, Aryll, was looking for you not too long ago.
Oh, did I tell you? She was watching me not too long ago, and she said she wanted to learn to carry jars on her head, too, so she could help your grandma do chores.
Hey! If you see Aryll, tell her that all she needs to do to lift a jar is stand in front of it and press A. And to set it down, she just needs to press R! Tell her, OK?
The secret to lifting jars is to stand in
front of them and press A.
And don't forget to tell Aryll to set 
jars down with R, OK?

After Tetra is dropped in the forest:

What was that noise!? It was awful!
You'd better return home quickly...
A sound like that can only mean trouble!
You know what I'd do if trouble came my way? I'd throw rocks to fight it off! You could handle that, couldn't you?
It's easy, Just stand in front of a rock and press A to lift it. Press A again to throw it. If you just want to set the rock back down, press R.
Do you understand?
To lift a rock, stand in front of it and
press A. When you want to throw, press
A again. Press R to set it down.
Couldn't be easier!