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Bearded old man on Outset Island, very skilled at fighting. Brother to Sturgeon. Gives Link the Hero's Sword and trains him in using it.

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Birthplace: Outset Island
Talent: Swordplay
In his younger days, Orca had hoped to be a swordsman, but after he suffered a serious injury that ended that dream. He soon returned to Outset and became a fisherman.
On a ledge on one one wall of his house is a memento from his days of training with a blade. Orca is a lifelong bachelor.


After Recieving the Hero's Clothes

Link! Is that you? If I recall
correctly, today, you are the same age as
the legendary hero. 
When did you get so old?
You must build strong muscles from now on! Strong muscles!
You have come at the perfect moment! I was just trying my rolling attack. Allow me to teach it to you!
Are you ready? Just run as fast as you can, then press A. That is how you perform a rolling attack.
If you think you understand, then try to roll into the wall. Go on, young one!

Link does so, Sturgeon is annoyed
and bangs on the floor.

Ah, my brother upstairs is very high-strung.
His is the way of knowledge. He locks
himself in his room and studies all day.
He is quite wise, but with that big head of his, he is hardly...accommodating.
On top of it all, he is so very feeble! At times, I am ashamed to call him my brother.
But enough of that, Link! I sense the natural talent that beats in your veins.
But you need more than talent to make it in the world today. You must also be bold! And to that end, I shall teach you the art of swordplay.
What say you?
Do you wish to practice you skills with the sword?

Link practices with the sword

It is as I foresaw! One day, you shall 
become a master of the sword! But it is
still too soon to give you a sword to 
carry around with you.
I'm afraid I cannot give you one yet.
If I did give you one, I am certain your grandmother would be quite upset with me...and I do not need that!
But...if for any reason you feel you need more training, then come see me again.