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Small treelike creature with a mask made from a leaf, considered to be a forest spirit. The Koroks are the Deku Tree's children, and once had human forms. They fly on Deku Leaves and perform a yearly ceremony after which they fly off to plant new Deku Tree forests.



The Koroks are a special kind of creature that live in the Forest Haven. They are very short and wear hard leaf-shaped "masks" over their faces. Each Korok's leaf-mask is very different (in color and shape) from the others', and they are often made of different kinds of trees. Into the leaf-mask is cut a very distinct and to each one of them unique design. They are watched over by the Great Deku Tree, and are called the children of the forest. They are descended from the Kokiri of Kokiri Forest (OoT) where they took human forms. Now they resemble walking, talking, pieces of plant. When they walk or move they make a funny, distinctive sound. They have the ability to fly through the air using strange twigs with leaves at the tips which spin like helicopter blades. Link's Deku Leaf is apparently similar to the Koroks' devices.

Once a year they hold a ceremony deep within the Forest Haven. During this ceremony one of the Koroks, Makar, plays a special song on his leaf cello. The other Koroks chime in and the Deku Tree, with a yell, sprouts many seeds that fall to the Koroks. Then almost all of them take off to different parts of the Great Sea, to try to plant new trees. This is part of the Deku Tree's plan to join the islands into one big island. Forests have the power to increase the size of an island, so if the Koroks keep planting trees, someday all the islands will be joined. However, in TWW, because of Ganondorf's dark magic, the trees wither and need the magical water from the Forest Haven to grow and flourish. It is up to Link to try to bring the magical water in a bottle from the Forest Haven to all the trees. The trees are on the following islands each watched over by a Korok.

Hollo is another Korok. He never leaves the Great Deku Tree's Lair however. He stays in his Potion Shop making Blue Potion using four Boko Baba Seeds per bottle. He throws all four into his brew and yells out, "Onjalla, Manjalla, CHO-WAY!" and then he has a bottle full of the super-replenishing potion (blue potion).

Makar is undoubtedly the most important Korok to the history and fate of the Great Sea, not to mention the game. It turns out that he is actually a descendant of Fado, and is the Sage of the Wind Temple. Link had to awaken him with the Wind God's Aria and lead him through the Wind Temple. Makar gave some power back to the Master Sword and then took his place as the Wind Sage.

Relevant Quotes

Deku Tree, when you first meet him

 These are the Koroks--the spirits of
 the forest.
 Once upon a time, long ago, the Koroks
 took on human forms, but when they came
 to live on the sea, they took these shapes.
 Now they fear people...but to me, they will
 ever be my cherished little children.

One of the Koroks:

 The Forbidden Woods were once our home.
 They were peaceful back then.
 I would guess that our homes should still
 exist somewhere deep within the woods.
 If you have trouble anywhere in the forest,
 just look for the stump-shaped houses.

Deku Tree, talking to him after ceremony:

 Every year after the Koroks perform this
 ceremony, they fly off to the distant
 islands on the sea and plant my seeds
 in the hopes that new forests will grow.
 Forests hold great power--they can change
 one tiny island into a much larger island.
 Soon, a day will come when all the islands
 are one, connected by earth and grove.

Translation Notes

The original Japanese name for the Koroks was "KOROGU." So, before the American version was released, English-speakers called them Korogs. Even after the American version was released, people who were used to the Japanese names still called them Korogs rather than Koroks.


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