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Korok that tends to a Deku Tree on Cliff Plateau Isles at G6.



Aldo looks greenish with a dark green leaf resembling a lily pad as a face, although I am not a leaf expert. His figurine in the NPG is carrying a little white flower in the right hand, which he doesn't have in the actual game. Aldo is after Makar one of the shortest Koroks around and his role in the game is equally small. After the annual ceremony he is to the Cliff Plateau Isles to sow a tree seed. Since the salty sea climate is bad for growing trees he needs Link's help to grow the hatchling into a fully matured tree.


Aldo is one of the ten Koroks that live together with the great Deku Tree located in Forest Haven. After the annual ceremony each one of the Koroks flies of to plant trees elsewhere, Aldo leaves this year for the Cliff Plateau Isles.

Miscellaneous Notes

Most of (if not all) the Koroks have names that are relative to a tree or plant, Aldo's name is very likely to be derived from an Alder tree.

Relevant Quotes

Nintendo Power Gallery – Aldo’s Description:

Birthplace: The Forest Haven
One of the Korok forest spirits
After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Aldo flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest.
He is responsible for the forest on an island one square east of the Forest Haven."


Country Name
Japanese アルダ (ARUDA)
English Aldo
French Aulnus
German Alnus
Spanish Aliso
Italian Alnus


The name Alnus may actually be the most accurate, if Aldo is truly named after the Alder. For Alnus is the official latin name of this tree. Aliso is the Spanish name of the Alder. And indeed the Japanese call him Aldar, which is quite similar to Alder.

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