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Beedle is a strange man who sells items to Link from his shop ship in many, many locations across the Great Sea. His shop ship moves quietly, and it's easy to get onto it. Though Link often gets wet.

Beedle's Shop Ship


What Beedle sells

Beedle has some unique items in his stock. Items like Hyoi Pear and Bait Bag are able to buy from here. Beedle has also a ship that sells the most unique items such as a Bottle!

Relevent Quotes

Nintendo Gallery

Birthplace: Unknown
Favorite Thing: Bugs (especially beetles)
A businessman by nature, Beedle's sales pitch is unmatched. He hopes to open a chain of trading posts where people can buy, sell, or trade anything.


First visit to the Shop-Ship:

OHHHHH! A customer! Welcome to Beedle's
Shop Ship! I deal in pretty much anything
and everything!
Do you have anything you don't need? If you do, show it to me! I'll pay top Rupees for your junk!!!
Or...do you see anything you'd like to buy?
Huh? I don't have anything to say... Just buy something! Buy! Buy! 'Bye! Come again!

After first Purchace, Beedle says 'Thank you!'

You're the greatest! I'll never forget you!
I'm going to make a Member's Card just for you! When you buy lots of things and build up your points, something good will happen to you! Something very good, indeed!
My shop is kind to its customers. No other shop will do this sort of thing for you, I'll have you know.
Now you have 1 point saved up.
You should try to save up 30 points, so you can earn a Silver Membership!

Another visit:

OHHHHH! Thank you, as always!
I appreciate your business.
If you have anything you want to sell, show it to me-I'll buy it off you!
Or would you prefer to buy something?