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Bait Bag

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Pig-faced bag sold in Beedle's shop ships. Holds a total of eight of bait and/or Hyoi Pears.



BaitBag TWW.jpg
In order to carry Hyoi Pears and All-Purpose Bait Link has to buy the Bait Bag from one of Beedle's Ship Shops. The bag can hold up to 8 individual packets, that is one Hyoi Pear or 1-to-3 pieces of All-Purpose Bait. The bag itself looks like it has one of those faces of a Wild Pig, although it doesn't look very happy.

Miscellaneous Notes

Next to this bag Link also has a Delivery Bag and a Spoils Bag. They have the same function as the Bait bag, but then for Letters and Enemy Dropped Items respectively.

Relevant Quotes

Item Description: "This spacious sack can hold up to eight pieces of bait. Press (X), (Z) or (Y) to see what is currently inside."


Country Name
Japanese  ?
English Bait Bag
French Sac à Appâts
German Futtertasche
Spanish Saco de cebos
Italian Fagotto

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