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This guy is not very mobile, and is munching on Magic Beans the entire day. He is a Hylian judging by his pointy ears and has a tattoo on his left arm. No one knows his real name, but he is refered to as the Bean Seller.

Ocarina of Time

In OoT the Bean Seller can be found near the entrance to Zora's River, when Link is a child. He can sell you 10 Magic Beans in total, starting at 10 Rupees where each bean costs 10 more than the previous one. Thus the last bean requires you to get the Adult's Wallet for it will cost 100 Rupees.

Majora's Mask

The Bean Seller returns in this game in an underground cavern inside the Deku Palace Gardens. Here he sells you some Magic Beans as well, but this time round they only cost 10 Rupees and he does not increase the value per pod as he did in OoT.

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

Bean Seller: insert here

Majora's Mask

Bean Seller the first time you meet him:

Well...chomp, chomp...
You're the first customer I've had
in a looooong time!
Do you need any Magic Beans?
They sprout leaves as soon as
you water them. That they do,
they do.
Mmm, I'll give you one free sample,
so try planting it in some soft
soil. You can always buy more.

Bean Seller after you get your initial free bean:

Mmm...So you liked my Magic
Beans and came back to buy

Monkey telling you about the Bean Seller:

Did you see entrance to cage?
We know secret route there.
Enter secret route from Outer Garden entrance.
But entrance in tall place. No can reach it.
Need bean from bean seller. Live beneath palace garden.


Country Name
Japanese  ?
English Bean Seller
French vendeur de haricots
German Erbsenverkäufer
Spanish vendedor de judías

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