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The Adult's Wallet is in three different games: OoT, MM and TWW. This wallet is an upgrade which allows you to carry more money than before.

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

In Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask these wallets are identical and can carry up to 200 rupees at a time, as opposed to the 99 rupee wallet you start out with. This is 2 more than the doubled amount.

To get it in Ocarina of Time you have to kill and collect at least 10 Gold Skulltulas, then go to the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village. Inside, speak with the person who was released from the curse. In his gratitude he hands you this wallet.

In Majora’s Mask you have to make a total deposit of 200 rupees at the Clock Town Bank in the west region of Clock Town, or complete the Oceanside Spider House before banking 200 rupees. The event you clear first gives you the Adult's Wallet. If you complete both of them, the second event will give you the Giant's Wallet.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker you start out with a wallet for 200 rupees, so this version of the Adult’s Wallet holds up to 1000 rupees. You get this wallet from either Northern or Western Fairy Island’s Great Fairy, depending which one you visit first. Again the a visit to both Great Fairies will result in obtaining a Giant's Wallet too.

Miscellaneous Notes

In OoT the rupee icon at the bottom won’t change when you get a new bag, but in MM and TWW it does change from Green to Blue.


Country Name
Japanese おとなのサイフ (otona no SAIFU)
English Adult’s Wallet
French Bourse pour Adulte
German Große Börse
Spanish Bolsa de Adulto
Italian  ?

Only the German translation differs; it says something like “big purse”. The other versions keep close to the original name, albeit it's not entirely clear what the Japanese "SAIFU" means. It may be a "Safe." It might also be a kind of wallet; see Saifu.co.jp.

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