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Animal village is a small place where you can meet with various animal residents. The house on the very left is the home of a rabbit, who has no real part in the game. After bringing Marin to the village he will be outside along with the other animals.

The second house is that of Schule Donavitch the Painter, he speaks with a French accent. He’s trying to paint a portrait for one of his customers; some sort of hippopotamus. If you speak to her she tells you to leave.

Next to Schule lives a goat named Christine, she is part in the trading sequence as she trades you a Hibiscus Flower for a Letter.

The house on the right of Christine is usually empty, but when you have the Magnifying Lens a Zora will pop up here in the DX version. He scares Link then all of a sudden the Photographer shows up and takes a picture for your photo album.

One screen below is the last place in Animal Village it is a home of a bear who is cooking some kind of meal, his ideal is to open a Branch of restaurants in Koholint. To help this guy out trade him the Honey for a Pineapple.

Grandma Ulrira will also show up here after beating Catfish Maw dungeon, she will trade you the Broom for a Fish Hook.


Legend of Village (See picture above)

  1. Rabbit's home
  2. Schule Donavitch
  3. Christine
  4. Empty; You can get a Picture with a Zora here in the DX version.
  5. The Bear Cook

Miscellaneous Notes

In the upper right corner of the village is a weakened part in the wall, place a bomb there and enter the cave. Inside take out the Bumper Beetle and place a bomb at the most upper part, then enter the room behind it and use another bomb to destroy the weakened rock. Go back and use the other route and the Hookshot to reach a Piece of Heart.

The lower right exit within the village leads to one of those handy dandy teleporters. Very useful when you want back to Mabe Village or somewhere else in a few seconds.


Country Name
Japanese どうぶつむら (doubutsumura)
English Animal Village
French Village de Animaux
German Zoodorf

The German translation is more like Zoo Village, whereas “Tierendorf” might have been a more appropriate.

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