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Ancient Adlar's House

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A small house near the center of Lynna Village, in the past. Adlar, the former advisor of Queen Ambi, lives there.



The home of Adlar the ex-palace advisor. It is just to the north of the Black Tower, one screen to the right of the Toilet in the Past time period fo Lynna Village of Oracle of Ages. In the Present Time it’s inhabitants are Mamamu Yan and her pet dog. Look up under Adlar for more information.



Country Name
Japanese ちょうろうアーダラのいえ (Chourou Aadara no Ie)
English Ancient Adlar’s House
French Maison d’Adler l’Ancien
German Haus des weisen Adlar
Spanish Casa del Anciano Adler
Italian Casa Antico Adler


In some languages the ‘a’ in Adlar was replaced with and ‘e’ to keep to pronunciation correct. The German translation is the odd one out here. It says: “House of the wise Adlar” In the Japanese version it is called: Elder Adlar's House. This makes the German translation the only correct one of the bunch.

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