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Once an advisor to Queen Ambi, this old man resides in the past of Labrynna.



Adlar is a green caped man with a beard, who resides in a small house close to the Black Tower in Labrynna of the past. Since he knew the queen as a child, he knows quite a few things about her.


Adlar was the advisor of Queen Ambi for more than 50 years. But shortly after Nayru (possessed by Veran) arrived in the past, he was banished from the palace. When Link meets him, Adlar is retired and lives quietly next to the water one screen up from the Black Tower.

Miscellaneous Notes

As you can see, his sprite resembles a wise man from Oracle of Seasons. Maybe he just likes to dress up like them... He seems to epitomize the concept of "wise man" or "sage." Adlar is probably in his 70's, since he was the palace advisor for over 50 years. That explains why his home is referred to as “Ancient Adlar’s house.”

Relevant Quotes

First time meeting him:

I am Adlar.
For fifty years,
I was a palace
advisor, but I
have since been
chased from the
palace and am
now retired. I
have known the
Queen since she
was young. She
always held the
people foremost
in her heart.
But since she
took that girl
Nayru in, she
has changed
She quit
listening to my
It was that girl
who suggested
I be banished,

After Nayru (Veran) appears:

Just who is this
I can only see
her as a monster
in human guise.
I wonder if the
Queen is
all right...

After saving Nayru:

I thought Nayru
had gone, but
now it seems
something is
wrong with the
Queen. She gives
me that same
evil feeling
Nayru used to.
It's like the
Queen is now
the beast in
human guise...I hope the Queen
is all right...

After you beat the game:

The Queen is
back to her kind
old self. That's
good and well,
but she says
she's going on
an eye-opening
journey to other
...I hope she'll
be all right...


Country Name
Japanese アーダラ ('ĀDARA')
English Adlar
French Adler
German Adlar
Spanish Adler
Italian Adler


In some languages the ‘a’ was replaced with and ‘e’ to keep to pronunciation correct.

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