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In The Wind Waker, when Link needs a Boat's Sail, the poor shopkeeper Zunari is there to give it to him. He apparently used the same sail to arrive at Windfall Island from somewhere very cold, but it fits Link's boat quite nicely.

Zunari is a short, eskimo-esque man with a moustache and pink nose. He wears a fur-lined blue winter coat with pink cuffs and a ring on one hand. It is stated that he got the coat from his mother and never takes it off, even during the hottest days. This is confirmed by his distress when he suspects Link wants his coat. Unlike many Zelda characters, his exact age is given at 40.

After receiving the sail, Link can begin running errands for Zunari once he gets his delivery bag. At first, his quest is to fill the island with town flowers, the only thing Zunari can afford to sell, but once Link completes a complicated island-decoration trading game sidequest, he can buy a number of different flowers and statuettes to decorate Windfall Island (and his own cabana) with. The final statuette, the Shop Guru Statue, is a golden effegy of Zunari himself! Also, Zunari gives link the Magic Armor, essentially a purple version of Nayru's Love, but surely not the same thing. Finishing this quest gives Zunari the title of Shop Guru and expands his store into a huge open-air, multi-stall shop with its own cute advertising girl: Mila out front.

Zunari also holds the nightly auctions on the ground floor of the Windfall Island mansion. The lucky auction winners bid on two treasure charts, a joy pendant, and a heart piece, so the crowd drawn is a variety of Windfall islanders. Zunari speaks rather confusingly, and to learn how to participate, you have to answer that you are NOT fine with his NOT explaining the rules.

Miscellaneous Notes

When taking a pictograph of Zunari for his figurine, to get the whole body you can just move to the side of his stand, where he protests you invading his shop from the wrong side (he's very anal about such things) and snap a picto before he auto-talks to you. A non-full-body picto might be acceptable, however. Zunari's stall is vacant at night, and is unprotected from any opportunistic thieves, like perhaps Mila...

Relevant Quotes

When you first talk to him:

My story is a strange one... I came across
cursed seas from a land far away...a land
where the blizzards blow violently...heading
for this town called Windfall. [...]

After buying the sail:

Yes, yes, yes! Thank you very much, indeed!
I have received precisely 80 Rupees for it.
I can use these funds to finance my new
business! Oh, dear me, what a happy day!

Nintendo Gallery figurine description:

The Shop Guru, Zunari
Birthplace: A C-C-Cold Island
Pet Phrase: "Dear me!"
Even on the hottest day of summer, Zunari can be found in his shop, wearing the beloved hood that his mother made for him. He keeps a great treasure in his safe there.
On a side note, he turns 40 this year and is now recruiting for a wife.


Country Name
Japanese スズナリ('SUZUNARI')
English The Shop Guru, Zunari
French Naglagla
German Standverkäufer Suzunari
Spanish Zunari
Italian Tefregu della bancarella

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