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Dodongo's Cavern

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Quick Information
Location: Death Mountain Trail
Required Item(s): Goron's Bracelet
Treasures: Bomb Bag, Bombs
Mini-boss(es): Lizalfos
Boss: King Dodongo
Enemies: Beamos, Baby Dodongo, Dodongo, Armos, Business Scrub, Skullwalltula, Keese, Fire Keese, Deku Baba

Misscellaneaous Notes

Majora's Mask

One of the Gorons in Goron Village tells you about the very special Rock Sirloin. He claims it comes from Dodongo's Cavern, but in Termina there is no such place, so perhaps he is mentioning the cavern in Hyrule!

Th-That's it! It's so good that I
dream about it...
Dodongo Cavern's finest quality
rock sirloin!