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After you buy a piece of bait in one of the underground shops you can use it in any place. The Bait has two primary functions in LoZ, first off Link can use this to distract most of the regular enemies making it easier for him to pass through certain difficult areas. You can however put only one piece of bait on the current screen, this will attract most of the normal enemies like Octorocks to it. After a little while the bait will disappear, allowing you to place some bait once again. You can do this as many times as you like since the supply of Bait is seemingly limitless.

Secondly you have to give this to a hungry Goriya in some of the later dungeons. This has to be done since a Goriya will block your passageway until you have fed him. This type of Goriya appears only a three times; in the Level 7 Dungeon of Quest 1 and the Level 3 and 8 Dungeons of Quest 2.


Bait can be bought at several places with the salesman of the Blue Ring being the cheapest, he sells it for 60 Rupees. Some of the other regular shops sell Bait to you for 100 Rupees.

Miscellaneous Notes

The piece of Bait is some sort of meat with a bone still attached to it, so many enemies like e.g. Goriya can be considered as carnivorous. Enemy Bait is similar to the Scent Seeds from the Oracle Series in the sense that it can attract enemies to move to a certain spot.

Relevant Quotes

Taken from the Manual:

"Enemy Bait Link can use this bait to lure the enemy and bump them off as they come to eat it. But watch out! This doesn't work for some of the enemy."


Country Name
Japanese  ? のエサ
English Monster Bait
French Amorce
German Köder

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