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Ancient Ruins

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Quick Information
Required Item(s):
Treasures: Magical Boomerang, Blowing Wind
Mini-boss(es): Vire
Boss: Manhandla

The sixth level, located North East of Horon Village. Items: Magic Boomerang, Blowing Wind. Miniboss: Vire. Boss: Manhandla.



To get to this dungeon in the Tarm Ruins you need to collect all four jewels, to open the main gate. In a Linked Game two of those pieces will be moved to a different place on the world map. Behind the gate you need to make full use of your Rod of Seasons to get to the entrance of the dungeon itself.


The level 6 Dungeon is pretty big, but not very difficult. Just before you enter the dungeon in a non-linked game, you will get a message from a cloaked person with a cane. This person is very likely to be one of the Twinrova sisters.


These ruins mainly consists of falling down and climbing floors, in order to find a way to big treasure of this dungeon: Magic Boomerang and the boss of this dungeon: Manhandla. There are a quite some crumbled sections in this dungeon, which makes the Roc’s Ring valuable in here. On your way you will also encounter Vire. If you’re playing a Linked-Game his text will be a little different, but other than that there are no changes.

Beating this dungeon's boss will give you the Blowing Wind Essence of Nature as prize.

Miscellaneous Notes

On the first floor there is a secret Rupee Room, which normally does not appear on the map! Go to most South Eastern room, then bomb the lower wall. This will open the pathway to a room filled with rupees.


Country Name
Japanese こだいの いせき (Kodai no Iseki)
English Level 6 Ancient Ruins
French Niveau 6 Vestige Acien
German Level 6 Antike Ruinen
Spanish Nivel 6 Ruinas Antiguas
Italian Livello 6 Rovine Antiche

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