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Quick Information
Appearance: Adventures of Link
Order: Devil/Demon
Habitat: Caves, Palaces
Quick Facts: Acheman appears when a Red Ache makes contact with the ground, which then becomes one of these fiends. These creatures are stronger than normal Aches and will attack you with fire.
Attack Pattern: Like an Ache, except when it gets close to the ground it changes into Acheman, throws fire, and changes back into an Ache.



Among the Aches there is one type that has the ability to transform into an Acheman. When a Red Ache attacks, it swoops down from the sky and makes contact with the ground. It then transforms into an Acheman. This creature will attack you with fire, which can only be dodged by using the Reflect spell or by jumping over the fire. It then transforms back into a Red Ache and returns to its place on the ceiling, which can be irritating if you were very close to destroying it. It repeats this attack pattern while you are in range, or until you've destroyed it. You can hit him in either his Ache or Acheman form, but he takes a couple hits before he dies.

What an Acheman is exactly, is unknown. When you look at its picture, you might say that it is just a human with the features of a bat. On that assumption it may even a Lycanthrope or an Anthropomorphic Creature, which would mean in this case that it’s a Werebat. Other people also describe them as a dragon or devil like creatures.

Translation Notes

Country Name
Japanese エークマン "ĒKUMAN"
English Acheman

The Japanese name for Acheman, from the Futabasha guide, is "ĒKUMAN", which appears to just be a transliteration of "Acheman" into katakana. This implies that the name was created by combining "Ache" with the English "man," indicating a half-bat, half-man.


Entry written by Iron Knuckle, edited by Davogones.

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