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Majora's Mask takes place over three days, and the master smithy Zubora (with his assistant Gabora) can forge link all the swords he needs in that short time, but just barely! When you speak to Gabora, he growls and the camera turns to Zubora who subsequently either tells you his hearth is frozen; or if it has been unfrozen, instructs Gabora to get you some coffee while he inspects your weapon.

The smithy can forge your Kokiri Sword into a Razor Sword for 100 rupees, but it will dull and revert to normal (odd since its appearance has been drastically changed) after 100 swings. If you bring him a bottle of Gold dust from your victory in the Goron races, he can reforge the Razor Sword into a Gilded Sword, which is stronger and will never dull. He does this for free, but keeps a "tiny bit" of the gold dust for himself as payment. Since he buys gold dust from you for far less than the Curiosity Shop (which is run by corrupt thieves), it can be inferred that he is even more corrupt, and probably took a lot of the gold for himself. Either time you forge your sword, he takes it and keeps it for a whole day, so it's best to spend one 3-day period forging your sword and winning the gold dust. Beating Goht, winning the Goron Race, and forging your sword twice can be tight-scheduled, but it's possible.

Zubora wears a tight white hat and strange blue coveralls that have a single strap leading up to his neck, exposing most of his chest. He's short, has a goatee, and speaks in a high, impish voice (his voice is audible in the game as simple vowel sounds).

Relevant Quotes

Talking to Zubora for the first time:

 Oh! Welcome to the Mountain
 Smithy, where we take our time to
 make a good point. I am Zubora,
 the owner. Pleased to meet you.
 That huge fellow is my assistant,
 Gabora. He's all brawn and about
 as smart as a Deku Stick.
 Say...Did you come to have your
 sword sharpened?
 All right...To reforge your sword,
 it will cost you 100 Rupees. It'll
 be ready at sunrise.
 Huh? Look, I'm working on
 strengthening your sword. I'm
 busy, so don't bother me.
 (note: Gabora is doing all the work. --ed.)
 What? You're telling me that's
 not enough? No way. That's the
 going price. The going price!
 No one else will buy it for this
 much... (he's lying!!)

Miscellaneous Notes

In TWW, Phantom Ganon's sword reads "Zubora Gabora" in Hylian writing. Is it possible they forged it?


Country Name
Japanese ズボラ ('ZUBORA')
English Zubora
French Zubora
German Zubora
Spanish Zubora

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