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Quick Information
Appearances: AoL, OoT
Order: Subterranian Lava Dragon
Habitat: Being a Lava Dragon Volvagia only appears in hot and fiery locations
Attack Pattern: Appears from several pits then breaths fire.
BarbaArt AoL.gif
Appearance: AoL
Quick Facts: Due to bad translations Volvagia was mistranslated into Barba, but it is Volvagia. A red dragon who lives in lava and attacks with fire. Boss of Three Eye Rocks palace. Its name was changed to Volvagia for the Collectors' Edition version.
VolvagiaArt OoT.gif
Volvagia OoT.jpg
Appearance: OoT
Quick Facts: Appears as a boss in the Fire Temple. Can only be stunned with the aid of the Megaton Hammer; is then susceptable to direct hits from the sword.




The lava dragon known as Volvagia is a fierce beast. He has appeared twice in the Legend of Zelda. Its looks are quite similar in both games. You might say that it looks more like a huge snake that rises from the depths of the lava pits and breathes fire trying to take out Link. Other than that the Volvagia in OoT looks more like a more detailed version of that in AoL.

The Adventure of Link

In the last of the main temples, Three Eye Rocks Palace, Barba awaits you as the final boss to the final statue. As the fight begins Barba pops up from one of the three lava pits, trying to hit Link by breathing some fireballs. Using magic to jump higher, Link can hit Barba's head with his sword and eventually defeat it.

Ocarina of Time

Volvagia returns in this game once again as the fiery lava dragon. He was defeated by the legendary Goron Hero many years ago, but with the arrival of Ganondorf he was brought back to life. Volvagia roams inside the Fire Temple inside Death Mountain Crater and has captured all the Gorons in prison cells all across the temple. After finding the Megaton Hammer, Link is able to slay the dragon once and for all. The head will fall on the ground just before Link and turns into a Heart Container.

The battle with Volvagia consisted of 3 different phases:

  1. Volvagia pops up from one of the 9 holes in the ground. This is noted by the light coming from that hole, when the battle advances he may fake out the few times. Then he breaths fire and waits a few seconds before retreating. On this moment while Volvagia is vulnerable Link can use the Hammer on his head to stun him temporarily allowing him to strike the Dragon several times. After this the dragon returns into the hole again and goes into phase 2 or 3 in an alternating fashion.
  1. The Fire Dragon will ascend from the hole again and will try to follow Link all over the place, while trying to breathe fire into Link. After a while Volvagia returns into a hole and goes back to phase 1.
  1. In this phase Volvagia will rise up to the ceiling of the level and multiple stone rocks will fall down from above. Link can easily avoid these by hanging onto a ledge as shown in the picture below. Once again the dragon will return into a hole and goes back to phase 1.


Volvagia's introduction

Relevant Quotes

Ocarina of Time

Navi's information:

It's the Boss of the Fire Temple,
revived by the Evil King. I don't
know its weak point...

Son of Darunia: '(Player Name here)', if you ask about the dragon:

A long time ago there was an
evil dragon named Volvagia living 
in this mountain.
That dragon was very scary!
He ate Gorons! Using a huge hammer, the hero of the Gorons... BOOOM!
Destroyed it just like that. This is a myth from long ago, but it's true!
I know, because my dad is a descendant of the hero!
Everybody was taken to the Fire Temple... While my dad was out...
Ganondorf's followers came and took them all away! All of them will be eaten by Volvagia!
Dad said that Ganondorf has revived Volvagia... As a warning to those who might oppose him, Ganondorf is going to
feed them all to Volvagia! Dad went to the Fire Temple all by himself to try to save everyone...
Please help, Link! I'll give you this heat-resistant tunic!

Son of Darunia '(Player Name here)', after destroying Volvagia:

Brother Link!
Everybody has come back!
Dad and you destroyed the dragon
together, didn't you!

Darunia upon entering the room to the boss' lair:

Who's there?  Is that you,
Oh, it really is Link!
You've grown so big since I last
saw you!
I want to have a man-to-man talk with you, but now's not the time. Ganondorf is causing trouble on Death Mountain again!
He has revived the evil, ancient dragon Volvagia!
On top of that, he is going to feed my people to that evil dragon as a warning to other races that might resist him...
If that fire-breathing dragon escapes from the mountain, all of Hyrule will become a burning wasteland!
I will go on ahead to try to seal up the evil dragon... I'm concerned, though, because I don't have the legendary hammer...
But I have no choice. Link...I'm asking you to do this as my Sworn Brother...
While I'm trying to deal with the dragon, please save my people! The prisoners' cells are in the opposite direction.
I'm counting on you, Link!

Miscellaneous Notes

Volvagia looks somewhat like a Chinese Dragon, rather than the conventional big winged dragons known in many other cases. Also there were some version changes between the Japanese and US versions of AoL, one of the changes is the appearance of Barba:

Japanese US and others
BarbaJap.png Barba.gif


Country Name(AoL) Name(OoT)
Japanese バルバジア (BARUBAJIA) ヴァルバジア (VARUABAJIA)
English Barba Volvagia
French  ? Volcania
German  ? Volvagia


Volvagia's name had a very strange translation when AoL was made. Japanese people don't have the sounds 'V' and 'L', therefore they were replaced by 'B' and 'R' repectively. So the name "Barubajia" could be deformed into Barba. Also it is well known that localisation was not very advanced and sophisticated back in the 80s. However nowadays things are better and the Japanese alphabet has a katakana replacement for the 'V' sound. Therefore the name became "VARUBAJIA". However this would still mean his name is "Valbagia" instead of "Volvagia". The name was changed from Barbara to Volvagia for the collector's edition of AoL.

The French translations is just a slightly altered one, it seems to have more in common with Volcano.

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