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Quick Information
Appearances: LoZ, AoL, ALttP, LA/DX, OoS, OoA, FS, FSA, TMC
Order: Snake
Habitat: Dungeons
Attack Pattern: Rope can only move horizontally or vertically in a slow manner. If this snake spots you we will try to run into you with a very quick dash. They usually appear in groups.
RopeArt LoZ.gif
Rope LoZ.gif
Appearance: Legend of Zelda
Quick Facts:
RopeArt AoL.png
RopeRed AoL.gifRopeBlue AoL.gif
Appearance: Adventures of Link
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Rope ALttP.gif
Appearance: A Link to the Past
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Rope LA.gif Rope LADX.gif
Appearance: Link's Awakening (DX)
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Rope Or.gif
Appearance: Oracle of Ages / Seasons
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Rope FS.gif
Appearance: Four Swords
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FSA Rope front.gif
Appearance: Four Swords Adventures
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Rope TMC.gif
Appearance: The Minish Cap
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Four Swords Adventures

FSA Rope side.gifFSA Rope back.gif

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