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Princess of Destiny

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Princess of Destiny is a title given once in OoT to Princess Zelda



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This title, "Princess of Destiny" is given to Princess Zelda by the Great Deku Tree. Although it's mentioned just once in the whole game, it's a very important title, since it summarizes the role of Zelda in the game.

Zelda is the Princess of Destiny, the destiny of both, Link and Ganondorf, and the whole kingdom of Hyrule. But possibly it's not for good, since the cause of Ganondorf's rise is Zelda's attempt to protect the Sacred Realm and the Triforce.

Although the use of this title may just be a trick to avoid mentioning who this princess is, it's the best description that can be made of Zelda's role in OoT.

Relevant Quotes

  • Great Deku Tree, telling Link to go to Hyrule Castle:
Go now to Hyrule Castle...
There, thou will surely meet the Princess of  


Country Name
Japanese 神に選ばれし姫 (?)
English Princess of Destiny
French Princesse de la Destinée
German Prinzessin

Assuming that the English translation is right, the German translation has changed it a little bit, since it says:

Suche dort die Prinzessin auf,
denn sie teilt Dein Schicksal

It says "There, look for the Princess, for she shares your destiny"

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