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Son of the Rito Chieftain, he lost his grandmother, Valoo's attendant, when he was young. Until Link helps him mature, Komali is very shy and sheltered. He gives Link Din's Pearl.

Miscellaneous Notes

Relevant Quotes

The Wind Waker

Let me be direct. My son, Komali, is of the
age to earn his wings...

Yet...he is weak, in some ways...and in light
of the current situation, he may just give
up on ever getting them...
I feel as though I should tell you, despite
what he may seem like right now, young
master Komali is quite a pleasant child...
His father, the chieftain, is quite busy, but
Komali's never once complained, though I'm
sure he's been lonely at times. He's the
chieftain's son through and through.
However, his grandmother passed recently,
and Komali seems lost. His confidence is...
gone. His grandmother was always with
him, you see. A great, great woman...
That sparkling ball that the young master
keeps with him was actually a gift from the
great Valoo to Komali's grandmother.
Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
Personality: Mama's boy

Komali had very little confidence in himself
and thus closed himself off from the world
outside his tribe's aerie.

With just a little help from Link,
though, he has regained his confidence and
has at last begun to show signs of being a
confident and mature Rito adult.


Country Name
Japanese コマリ "KOMARI"
English Komali
French Scaff
German Komori
Spanish Komali
Italian Falin


Because the Japanese don't make any difference between an "L" and an "R" only the English and Spanish translations are exactly the same as the original name.

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