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Minuet of Forest

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The Minuet of Forest is the warp song to Forest Temple



The Minuet of Forest is the first of the warp songs in OoT, Sheik teaches it to Link after he arrives to the Forest Temple This is a melody that talks about the flow of time and the memory of younger days. This melody transports Link to the Sacred Forest Meadow, on the medallion symbol in front of the temple. The combinations to play the song is:

N64 aN64 c upN64 c leftN64 c rightN64 c leftN64 c right


Sheik while teaching Link the song OoT MQ

Relevant Quotes

  • Sheik, before teaching Link the Minuet of Forest:
The flow of time is always cruel...
Its speed seems different for each person, but no 
one can change it...
A thing that doesn't change with time is a memory  
of younger days...
In order to come back here again, play the Minuet 
of Forest.


Country Name
Japanese 森のメヌエット ("mori no MENUETTO")
English Minuet of Forest
French Menuet des bois
German Menuett des Waldes

森 ("mori") means forest in Japanese

Miscellaneous Notes

There's a small mistake with this song. When you play it, it says:

Warp to Lost Woods?

And it should say "Warp to Sacred Forest Meadow".


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